Once Upon a Time
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

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My Art Is A Lonely Punter

Sheriff's Office: While Graham tends to Emma's battle scars, he apologizes. "I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me -- how I lost my mind." Emma says, "It's okay. You were tired, and feverish and...heart-broken." Graham: "I don't know why I let myself get caught up with her." Emma says, "Because it was easy and safe. Not feeling anything is an attractive option, when what you feel sucks." Wordy McSuck. Graham swabs at the cut near Emma's eye and she jumps a little when it stings.

Mausoleum Mills: Regina stands over her father's casket (well, I guess it's a vault that contains the casket, but it's a casket-shaped vault, not a post-office-boxy heart vault). The plaque on it reads Henry Mills, Beloved Father. She lays her bouquet atop it, and then her gloved hand slides down the side. Pushing with both hands and all her weight, Regina moves the casket aside to reveal a hidden staircase.

Enchanted Forest, Knifingham Palace: Queenie rants at the Huntsman for trying to fool her with the heart of a stag. He tells her Snow doesn't deserve to die. Queenie: "That's not up to you. I wanted a heart, and a heart I shall have." She reaches in his chest and pulls out his heart. It's candy apple red and sort of crystalline looking. The Huntsman leans against the wall and says, "What are you going to do to me?" I think she just did it, sugar pants. Queenie kisses him, forcefully. "You're now mine, my pet." She holds the heart up to a vault. It magically opens. "And this is your cage. From this moment forward, you will do everything that I say, and if you ever disobey me -- if you ever try to run away, all I have to do is squeeze." When she squeezes his heart, the Huntsman falls to the floor in agony. Finally Queenie calls for her guards. They pick the Huntsman up off the floor. Queenie: "Your life is now in my hands. Forever." She gives her guards their orders. "Take him to my bedchamber." So... sex slavery for the win? She places the Huntsman's heart in a vault and slams it shut.

Storybrooke, Mausoleum Mills: Regina descends the secret staircase and there's the Mother-Horowitzing row of vaults. She is not a light packer, eh? Regina opens the one containing the Huntsman's heart. It's still candy apple red and glowing.

Sheriff's Office: Graham and Emma are having a moment. She smiles at him and rises to her feet. Her eyes tear up the tiniest bit and they kiss. Graham flashes back. Stag he cried over in the Enchanted forest. The wolf. The arrow. Queenie. Snow and her apples. The letter. His knife. Making the whistle for Snow. Queenie burning up Snow's letter. Queenie ripping out his heart. He stumbles backward. Only his desk holds him up. Emma says, "Graham?"

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Once Upon a Time




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