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Michael's Got a Gun

Hairy Man tells Jack that right at the clearing, they got a line that shouldn't be crossed. It gets crossed, and there's gonna be trouble. He orders them to give up their weapons and turn around and go home. "No," says Jack, making me think that maybe he had a lobotomy for breakfast. You're surrounded by a bunch of scary island-living hillbilly motherfuckers, Jack. GO HOME. Locke agrees with me, because he's like, duuuuuude. But Jack's not having any of it. He wants to stay and fight, dammit! "I hoped it wouldn't come to this," says Hairy Man. "Bring her out, Alex!" "Her" is Kate, of course, and Hairy Man rips the bag off her head and says that she was following them because she's a Nosy Parker who hates to be left behind. Jack pretends to agonize over this for a minute or two, and Sawyer tries to move forward to rescue Kate, but Hairy Man puts a gun to her head and tells Jack he has a decision to make, and the faux-tension here could be cut with a butter knife because, duh, he's totally going to choose Kate and they're all going to drop their weapons and go home with their tails between their legs.

Hairy Man counts to three, but Jack stops him at two and drops his guns down onto a blanket. Locke and Sawyer follow suit. "You and me ain't done, Zeke," says Sawyer before he drops his gun. Hairy Man gets a glimmer of "this guy ain't kiddin'" in his eyes and then he grabs the guns and shoves Kate at Sawyer. He hugs her briefly and then removes her gag and bindings. "Jack…I…" she starts to say. Jack just looks at her in disgust and then looks away when he asks, "You all right?" Kate totally gets that she's messed up again, and answers that she's okay.

Meanwhile, back with the Tertiary Plotline That Has No Purpose, Jin's sitting on the beach, watching the sun rise. Sun comes out and asks him why he's up. He couldn't sleep. She asks if the Scouts are back yet and he says they aren't. He calls her "honey" and then says that he doesn't like being told what to do. He says it gently, though, so it doesn't come across as dicky as it could. Sun calmly says that being told what to do was her life for four years and she didn't much like it either. Jin takes this in and says that he supposes she didn't. He moves over next to her and puts his arm around her and they smile at each other. Aw. I like Jin a lot more now that he's not ordering his whore of a wife to button up her blouse all the time. ["Did anyone else think he should have just asked her to come with?" -- Sars]

The Scouts are coming down the mountain, and Kate just can't leave well enough alone because she's all over Jack, telling him she was just trying to help and that she made a mistake. Jack ignores her. Wise man. But there's nothing Kate hates more than being ignored, so she grabs him by the arm and demands that he talk to her. "I'm sorry," she says, meaning she's sorry for following them when she shouldn't have. "Yeah, I'm sorry too," he says, meaning he's sorry he kissed her when she's so obviously in love with Sawyer. He walks off, and we head back to Jack's past.

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