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Michael's Got a Gun

Back on Craphole Island, Jack, Locke, and Sawyer are paused over a large footprint in the mud. Locke identifies it as looking like Michael's boot, but he can't be sure. How in the hell does he know what Michael's boot looks like? Do they have plaster casts of everyone's shoeprints on the island in case of situations like these? Kate finds another similar print in the distance and Locke declares that they have a trail. "You got a gun for me?" asks Kate. "You're not comin'," says Jack. "Excuuuuse me?" says Kate. "You're not comin'," says Jack again. "Someone has to be here to take care of the button." Hee. Ten bucks says that Matthew Fox laughed his ass off every time he had to say that. ["Especially since his character is the one who was all 'I don't see why we have to press it anyway.'" -- Sars] Kate's like, uh, I hate to break this to you, but taking care of the button doesn't exactly require a degree from Harvard, you know. Anyone can do it. "You're not comin'!" Jack says again, some more. "You're stayin'! All right?" Man. Wonder if he'd be this pissed off at her if she'd grabbed his ass while they kissed instead of running away from him after it was over?

Sawyer cocks his gun in a threatening manner, although I'm not sure if it's toward Jack or Kate. Locke and Jack move off to follow the trail and, after a minute and a soulful glance at Kate, Sawyer follows after them. I don't know why they made such a big deal out of her not coming; you know her Nosy Parker ass is just going to go back to camp and get someone else to press the button so she can follow after the boys and make sure she's not left out of all the fun.

Boy Scout Troop #41815162342 makes its way up a lovely Hawaiian hill. Sawyer asks Jack what Kate did to him to make him so mad. Well, Sawyer, it's not so much what she did to him as much as what she didn't do to him, if you must know. Jack says she didn't do anything. Totally. "Riiiiiiight," snarks Sawyer. "And you yelled at her because she wanted to help find Walt. Makes a lot of sense." "Why dontcha go back there and see if I hurt her feelings?" snaps Jack. Oh, can we get Jack a new love interest already? The fake fighting between these two over Kate is getting tiresome. "I'm just sayin'," says Sawyer. "Yeah, I know," says Jack. "You love her." Sawyer stops cold. "What'd you say?" Hee. Poor Sawyer. You have no idea how big a mouth you have when you're passed out and delirious from blood loss and infection.

Locke stops at the top of the hill and asks Sawyer if anything about the area rings a bell with him. "Oh yeah," says Sawyer. "There's my favorite leaf. How could I forget this place?" Heh. He's so awesome. Jack asks Locke what's wrong, and he just asks Sawyer what side the ocean was on when he and the Tailaways came across the island. Sawyer thinks for a bit and then waves his hand off to the side. Locke says that means they were coming from the east, but Michael's tracks lead to the north, which means that Michael's not heading back where he came; he's heading somewhere else. They all run off to that somewhere else.

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