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Michael's Got a Gun

Down on the beach, Kate's pleading her case to Hurley as Jin watches her from a distance. Sun comes out and tells Jin that the sun is hot today, so he should wear a stupid floppy hat. Jin's like, woman, I don't need no hat! Sun's like, wear it, bitch. Hurley comes walking by. "Cool hat, dude," comments Hurley to Jin. Jin makes a face and rolls his eyes. Women! Can't live with 'em, can't stop 'em from trying to prevent you from getting skin cancer! Sun asks Hurley what's going on and he just regurgitates the entire Michael-went-crazy-and-stole-guns-and-went-after-Walt story. "Later, dudes! Gotta get to the hatch," and with that, Hurley walks off. Bye, Hurley! We'll call you next time we need some expository dialogue peppered with lots of folksy "dudes"!

Jin decides that he's going to go after Michael himself and starts packing a bag. Sun tells him that if he wants to live to see the sunset, he'll put the bag down and go catch her some fish, dammit. Jin says that Michael's his friend. Sun says that she's his wife, and she's not about to lose him now that she just got him back from his non-adventure at sea. Jin reluctantly puts his bag down and shares a smile with his wife. It's a nice moment. Even though the same woman carrying fruit appears behind Sun, like, five times.

Boy Scout Troop #41815162342. Sawyer wants to take a break, so they all stop, and Jack wonders aloud if Michael's still heading north and Locke says he is. Locke then begins to question just what in the hell Jack's going to do once he catches up with Michael. "I'm gonna bring him back," says Jack, not sounding all that sure of himself. "What if he doesn't want to come back?" says Locke. Jack says he'll talk him into coming back. Oh, right. Because Jack's so good at getting people to do what he says. "Who are we to tell people what they can or can't do?" ponders Locke. Excellent point. Unfortunately, we don't get a chance to explore this line of questioning further, because we have to go back to Brokeback Papa and the Storyline That Never Ends.

Jack's sitting with the daughter. She's supposed to sign some paper -- a consent form, I'm thinking. Jack tells her it's not too late to go back and she's like, go back where? Italy? Sure, they have great gelato, but the doctors aren't nearly as cute. She finally signs the paper and says that even if Jack doesn't succeed, he's giving them a chance, which is all they wanted. They get a little too close to each other and share a moment, but it's interrupted by Jack's dad, who does one of those knock-knock-I'm-coming-in-without-waiting-for-a-response knocks that doctors are so fond of doing. There's an awkward moment, but the daughter dispels it by leaving. Jack's dad drops a load of papers on a desk, telling Jack he needs to sign off on them, and then he shoots his son a look. Jack's like, wha? "Careful," says his father. "There's a line, son, and you know it's there. And pretending it's not…that would be a mistake." He goes to leave and Jack says, "Guess you would know." Know what? What it's like to drink a fifth of vodka and then remove someone's spleen? What's he talking about? "It may be okay for some people, Jack," says the dad, "but not for you." What's not okay for some people? WHAT? God. Why can't he just say, "Don't fuck the daughter, dude. It's not right." How hard is that? And honestly, does it really have to be said? Also, didn't Jack MARRY one of his patients? Where was the line then? I love this show but damn, I need a crypto key, a divining rod, and bloody Nostradamus just to decipher what in the hell half of them are talking about.

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