The Hunting Party

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Michael's Got a Gun

The Boy Scouts are climbing vines up the side of a mountain. Wow, Locke saw boot tracks up the side of a mountain? He's good. Sawyer asks if Locke's really sure Michael went this way. "Why do you ask?" asks Locke. "Oh, I don't know, Mr. Clean; I probably woulda gone around Mount Vesuvius." Hee. Mr. Clean. Hee hee hee. Locke asks Sawyer why he picked that name, and Sawyer's like, uh, have you looked in a mirror lately? All that's missing is an earring and a mop, dude. Locke's like, no, dumb-ass, not my name, yours. "Why'd you pick Sawyer?" he asks. "After the census, Hurley gave me the manifest. Your name is James, right? James Ford." Sawyer's like, uh, and this is any of your business how? Locke just casually asks who Sawyer got it from and Sawyer's like, who said I "got" it from anyone and didn't we already answer the question of where Sawyer got his name, like, a hundred episodes ago? Or did we just find out that Sawyer wasn't actually his name? Why is this being brought up again? Who am I? Why are we gathered here together to get through this thing called…life? So many questions…

Oh, it doesn't matter. Mostly because, at that precise moment, guns start firing. Not at the Boy Scouts, though. They seem to be off in the distance. Ripping a page from The How NOT to Stay Inconspicuous Guidebook, Jack starts shouting Michael's name over and over again. Locke's like, DUDE. Ixnay on the "Ichael-May"! Even Sawyer's looking disgusted by Jack's behavior. Jack doesn't give a damn and runs pell-mell toward the gunshots. Mmmm. Because when I hear gunshots, my first instinct is to run right at 'em. And we're running and we're running. All the running only gets them as far as a small clearing, where Locke finds a fresh bullet hole gouged into a tree and three casings from Michael's rifle. Unfortunately, as Sawyer points out, there were at least seven shots fired, which means someone else was shooting as well. "It's getting dark," observes Sawyer. "Which way did they go?" Locke peruses the area, pulling his Zen-Buddha Last-of-the-Mohicans Tracker-on-the-Mountain act on the mud and vegetation. Jack stares at Sawyer. Sawyer's like, WHAT NOW? "You out here for Michael? Or is this payback for getting shot?" asks Jack. "Why you out here, Doc?" shoots Sawyer. Jack doesn't answer him. "You got your reasons," says Sawyer smugly, "and I got mine." And what are they? WHAT ARE THEY? Somebody answer a damn question directly!

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