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Lorelai follows her, telling her not to walk away when Lorelai's being a giant jerk to her. She adds the painting is really nice and she loves that Rory's reading in the painting, concluding that Richard will love it. "You can be so harsh sometimes," Emily says, "and I just don't know where that comes from or what I've done to deserve it." Lorelai says she's just had a bad week. She explains what happened in the fight with Sookie and how Mia's talking about selling the Inn. She says that the Inn was her home with Rory for so long, and that it's hard to think that the Inn wouldn't be there. She repeats that the painting is great, and asks whether Emily accepts her apology. Emily says she does, and then walks back to see Rory.

Back at Lorelai's, Luke has finished doing something with Bert the toolbox. Lorelai thanks him, and says that she didn't want the rain to ruin the Chupah. Luke asks about the broken goat figurine. Its name is Gilbert, and his head has fallen off. Luke breaks out the wood glue and sits down to paste the head back on the body. Lorelai makes some tea. Luke mentions that Sookie was at the diner this morning and wouldn't talk about the inn. Lorelai explains the fight again. She says she panicked about everything because she was scared. She asks whether she can cry in front of Luke. He asks her to suck it up. Lorelai admits that she has no confidence in herself. Luke says she's good at what she does. Lorelai says she's good at doing things she has to do, like getting a house for her and Rory, getting herself a job, and getting Rory into Chilton. She doesn't have to leave the Independence and open her own inn. Luke tells her that she doesn't have to leave the Independence. Lorelai says she does have to, because Mia is selling the Inn, and it's her home. It's where Rory took her first steps and where she took her own first steps. Luke says she's scared, like everyone else is when they start something new and scary. He says he puked and passed out when he opened the restaurant. He tells her she has to just stick with it and wait for it to get fun. He says it might take a year to become fun. She says she wants to do it. He says she should. Wait, isn't Mia only selling the Inn because Lorelai said she was leaving? Couldn't she stay at the Independence if she wanted to? I mean, it's not like Mia's hurting for cash or anything. Luke has fixed Gilbert and goes to put him back on the lawn.

Sookie's kitchen. Lorelai walks in and apologizes for her behavior. Sookie says it's okay, but Lorelai says it isn't. She tells Sookie that she's a brilliant chef, and that she shouldn't be told to do things differently. Brilliant trombone players and brilliant cymbal players aren't told to stop playing their instruments the way they do, so she shouldn't have to change how she cooks. Sookie stops to ask whether there are really brilliant cymbal players. "Theoretically," Lorelai responds. She tells Sookie to pretend she didn't freak out and asks if they can just move on. Sookie makes Lorelai promise not to freak out on her again. Lorelai promises to not lose confidence again. They giggle and make up immediately. Poor Sookie, always taking the abuse.

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