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Out in the lobby, Mia asks Emily if she can help her. Emily introduces herself. Mia admits that she has wanted to meet Emily for quite some time. Emily isn't as warm meeting Mia. Mia wants Emily to have lunch with her, but Emily declines. She says the hotel is very nice. It's not a home, but a nice hotel. Mia says that home is where your family is. Emily notes that it's certainly where her family was for a number of years. Mia says that tea might make things less awkward because there are things to hold and stir. Emily comments that she doesn't know why she came there. Mia says she was hoping that they'd meet someday. She says that when Lorelai showed up at her doorstep fifteen years ago, holding a small child, she wondered what she'd want to happen if her daughter had shown up on a doorstep cold and hungry without a home; she realized she'd want her daughter to be someplace safe, where someone would look after her and take care of her. Emily says that she would want someone to send her daughter back home. Emily starts to leave, but asks if Mia will keep this secret from Lorelai. She then asks if Mia has some pictures from those years. Mia says she'll send a box over the next day. Emily thanks her, and leaves.

Lorelai and Rory are eating their breakfast at Luke's. Lorelai says she's so happy to have the Sookie Situation fixed. Rory comments that it's awful fighting with friends. They have enough enemies. They start listing off people they hate until Rory pretends that Lorelai spat in her eye and they fake-bicker until Rory demands her toast from Luke. Luke says it'll take a little while since the big toaster is broken. He says the word "dinky." Hee. Jess walks over and proves that the big toaster now works. Luke asks whether he fixed it. Jess plays the innocent, saying that the toaster may have gotten better. Luke says that toasters don't just get better on their own. Jess leaves for school...but not before giving a knowing look to Rory, who gets all schmoopy over him as the episode ends.

Next week Ryan Philllipppe is back! And they're gonna do Romeo and Juliet at Chilton. Huzzah!

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