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Rory tells Lorelai that she's not writing what she buys on the back of the Inn's credit-card receipts. Lorelai tells her to just write "cooking spray and sponges." I'll just let that go -- all of the things wrong with that last exchange. Rory asks what's going to happen if they get audited. Lorelai then basically admits that she bought herself a scoop-neck sweater that she's never worn with the Inn's credit card, but that she's going to lie about it. Sookie says she had a dream that everyone was all old and she wore cataract glasses and Lorelai had gone deaf but Fran was still young and beautiful because she's never going to die and leave them the Dragonfly. Rory reminds them that it's not nice to wish nice people were dead. They like Fran. She makes cupcakes. Sookie says they love Fran, too, but they'd like to know "God's little plan" for her. Michel walks in and advises everyone to at least pretend to be busy because the owner of the Inn is here. Rory and Lorelai are very happy that Mia is there. They run out to the lobby.

An extra walks away from Mia so she can hug Rory and Lorelai. I guess we're all supposed to just realize that Mia must have let a very young Lorelai in and raised her and Rory when Emily didn't. We just have to transfer all of this love over here even though we've never heard of Mia before, even when Lorelai was getting married. Mia is like a Sandy Duncan, but with both eyes. Mia tells Rory and Lorelai that they are too thin and too beautiful and that she's missed them. Michel walks up and stands for inspection. Mia says that he's still very attractive and all. Michel says, "Well, I had a feeling that a lovely woman was going to be visiting today, so I decided I was going to look my best for her." Mia takes a great pause here and then says, "I'm sorry, honey, I didn't get a word of that." Rory translates and says that Michel says he missed her. Mia tells Michel that he's been in America a long time now, and that his English should be much better. Michel says the customers seem to understand him just fine. Mia turns with her arms out in apology to Rory and Lorelai and says, "I didn't get that, either." Hee. Lorelai tells Michel to get to the desk and work. Michel says goodbye, but Mia doesn't understand it so Rory interprets and says that Michel said he never liked Mia. Michel gets upset that Rory's lying, and Mia thinks that Michel is yelling at her in French. Mia says she doesn't know where this hostility is coming from, and she asks Michel if they can work it out. Michel says there's nothing to work out, and Rory tells Mia that he told her to get out. Michel yells that he didn't say that, and Mia thinks he's yelling at her in French, and they all scurry off before Michel hurts someone. "I don't know what I did to make him hate me," Mia says as they leave. It's funny. It's insulting. It's over.

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