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What day is it? Rory and CuteDean are walking through Stars Hollow. CuteDean says he needs to stop by the market and pick up his paycheck because if he's not there by 4 PM, Cardigan Man locks his check in a safe with a timer and gives him a lecture about banks and stuff. CuteDean leaves and says he'll be back in a minute. Rory stands outside alone for .03 seconds before Jess walks up to warn her that this is a dangerous corner. Rory awkwardly pretends she doesn't care. Hide your books, Rory! Jess asks what her problem is with him. Rory says that poor Luke is having the entire town hate him because of what Jess is doing. She looks down at the chalk outline that's still there. Does CuteDean have no upper-body strength, or what? Rory tells Jess that the entire town knows that he did it. Jess complains that town meetings are so To Kill a Mockingbird. Rory tells him what happened, and that Luke's a pariah in the town because of Jess. Rory bitches that he doesn't care, and tells him to leave because she's tired of talking to him. She gets her "second wind" and starts yelling at him for using Luke and abusing him. She says she knows that the kind of crap you have to do "when you're trying to be Holden Caulfield," but that it's stupid and annoying and she doesn't like Luke to be attacked. Jess says he didn't know the town was coming down so hard on Luke. "Funny, I never pegged you as clueless," Rory says. "My mistake." Jess says he understands. He waits a few seconds and asks whether Rory at least thought the chalk outline was funny. She did, of course, because we're supposed to believe she'd like this guy. I miss Philllipppe. CuteDean walks out at this point, and Rory introduces them. Jess asks whether CuteDean is Rory's boyfriend, and says that Rory never mentioned she had one. Nice. Rory tells Jess she'll see him around, and he says that it always seems to turn out that way. With much suspicion, CuteDean watches Jess walk off.

I guess it's Friday night again, since Rory and Lorelai are walking up to Emily's house. Rory wonders whether Richard's still in Akron. Lorelai says that, for Akron's sake, she hopes Richard has moved on to Boise. The door opens, and Lorelai quickly announces to the new maid that they are the daughter and the granddaughter. They walk in the house, and Rory comments that Lorelai is very crabby. Lorelai says she has a headache. Emily is very happy to see both of them and ushers them into the study to see Rory's portrait. It's creepy, and doesn't look like Rory. She's looking up like God is talking to her all Agnes of God-style. Rory says it's "freaky." Rory says she just has to forget that it's supposed to be her, because she can't accurately judge a portrait of herself; Lorelai quickly says that the painting is nice. Emily wants Lorelai to be more complimentary, and Lorelai snaps that she didn't know she was supposed to do a cheer and gymnastics and throw a party about how great the fucking painting is. Emily storms out of the room.

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