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Pay It Upward

A Scott Joplin-style piano rag tells us we're in a saloon of some kind. Looks like Prohibition has been as successful in Chicago as it is in Atlantic City. One of the reporters from Colosimo's funeral, a Pruitt Taylor Vince-ian type, bellies up to the bar to inquire about the hit on Big Jim. The bartender? Al Capone. Or "Al Brown" as he introduces himself. Pruitt Taylor Vince-ish says he's preparing to run a story that links Johnny Torrio to Big Jim's murder, and would Mr. Brown like to leave a statement for the record? Capone, in fact, would ... in the form of a whiskey bottle smashed over PTV-ish's head. He then comes over the bar and begins stomping the poor guy. Torrio sticks his head out of his office, all "WTF" and such. Capone tells his boss he's "making a statement." Then he smashes his foot down on PTV-ish, with the camera taking on that poor bastard's POV. Lights out.

That night, Nucky's in his office when Eddie tells him Rothstein's on the phone. (Which, by the way, I could listen to Eddie gargle the consonants on "Rothstein" forever and ever and not get sick of it.) Before he takes it, Nucky informs Eddie that he'll be chauffeuring him from now on. Eddie, of course, asks if he'll be given the proper cap to do so. Eddie! Anyway, the phone call is monster tense, not least because both men decide to play coy about the delivery that "never arrived," even though they both know full well what happened. Rothstein says a hundred grand will about cover it, at which point the gloves come off. Rothstein says Nucky fucked him over to Chicago, and worse, his sister-in-law's nephew was one of the bootleggers that got killed. Nucky says he doesn't owe Rothstein shit, and he doesn't care if Arnold's own mother was one of the victims. Both men are very "So that's how it's gonna be?" about it, with Nucky making an additional threat, should Rothstein ever decide to show his face in Atlantic City again.

Jimmy sneaks into his own home, trying not to make a sound. Carefully, silently, he grabs a billfold of some kind out from behind the radiator (best place to hide your secret stash of cash?), but when Angela wakes up and asks what Jimmy's doing, he lies and tells her to go to bed. When she does, Jimmy takes a look at the stack of hundred dollar bills he's got. From the embossing on the billfold, it's his army discharge money. (Or is it the heist money being hidden among his discharge papers?)

Margaret returns home to her shack that's still a wreck from the night Hans beat the child right out of her womb. She surveys the place, moving around with all the will of a ghost. Before she can get comfortable with the sight of her reflection in the mirror, much less begin to tidy up, Van Alden comes knocking at the door. He wants to talk about her husband. More specifically, he wants to advance his theory that Hans was merely "a patsy, a dupe" and didn't kill anybody. Margaret knows this to be true, but she's not saying anything. Rather, she's fidgeting and uncomfortable and groping at her hair looking for that blue ribbon she tied it in earlier. (She didn't notice herself taking it off as she looked in the mirror before.) Van Alden ignores her babbling and instead pressed onward: he wants to know her relationship to Nucky Thompson.

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