The Second Coming

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The Second Coming

Agents Harris and Goddard visit Tony at Satriale's. Tony offers them some food, but Agent Harris says he's still battling that microbe he got in Pakistan. I can't figure out what the point of continuing that storyline is, unless Tony's going to get into trouble and count on Harris to bail him out, but Harris will be sick or dead from this thing and didn't leave any paperwork on their deal? Anyway, Harris shows Tony some photos of two men wearing traditional Arabic garb, and Tony IDs them as his buddies from the Bing. Tony wants to know why they are asking, but the agents won't give out any information, really.

Tony and Phil finally have a sit-down. Tony pretends that the visit is about a new construction project, and then tries to slide into talking about the asbestos thing. He offers fifteen percent, and he'll forgive the balance of what Phil owes him for the vitamin truck. Phil says, "First off, it wasn't an offer. It's my position. Twenty-five percent." God, I love Phil. I mean, I hate him, but I love the character for how bad-ass he is. Tony says he came in good faith and made a reasonable counteroffer, and he wonders if they need to talk privately. Phil refuses. Tony reminds Phil that when Phil was hospitalized after his heart attack, they shared "an understanding about life." Phil spits that this is business, and Tony says he's trying to talk to Phil "on a human level." Phil cracks a joke, and his guys all laugh at Tony, who gets angry that Phil refuses to compromise. Phil says that he knows from compromise: "Twenty years in the can. I wanted manicotti. I ate grilled cheese off the radiator instead. I wanted to fuck a woman. But I compromised. I jacked off in a tissue. You see where I'm going?" Tony smiles sadly and walks out.

Butch and Coco walk up to Edgar Ramirez, their no-show cash connection. Edgar tells them there won't be any checks this week, because Silvio called this morning and told him to pull any jobs belonging to New York guys. So of course, Butch and Coco beat the crap out of Edgar. One fellow worker tries to stop them, but Butch and Coco's threats make him run away. Coco opens Edgar's wallet and steals his cash. This is not looking good for New Jersey, for New York, or for Edgar.

Meadow knocks and enters AJ's room, where AJ quickly closes his laptop to hide it from his sister's eyes. She talks cheerily about how hilarious Borat is. AJ pouts that the movie "wasn't fair to the people involved," and then he yells at Meadow to leave the blinds closed before admitting that he dropped out of school. Meadow urges him to talk to her, because she's his sister. She says she cried every day for a month when she broke up with Finn. AJ talks about how we're going to bomb Iran, and Meadow counsels him to "shut stuff out" and asks why he's surfing the web for porn. AJ opens his laptop to show that he's actually looking at the Al Jazeera website. Meadow thinks he should try to move out of their parents' house, and AJ self-pities, "Oh, right. In my condition? I can't hold a job. I'm ill, Meadow. I'm on medication. I need Mom's cooking. It could mess with my blood chemistry." Yikes. AJ makes it hard to have empathy for him. Meadow thinks he should tell their parents that he dropped out, and reminds him that she took some time off, too. AJ thinks they like Meadow better, but Meadow points out (without much bitterness) that they're Italian and AJ is their son, so he'll always be more important.

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