The Second Coming

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The Second Coming

Carmela visits AJ in the hospital, which looks like a better-lit version of Uncle Junior's home. AJ asks if Tony is still mad, and Carmela says he never was, and he loves his son. Carmela tells AJ his shrink thinks he needs to take some time out. Carmela looks over at a girl who is busy pulling out her own hair, then rubs her son's face affectionately. She asks if he ate today and promises to bring him some chicken parm. AJ doesn't think she can, because of all the bulimic girls.

Meadow and a date sit in a restaurant in Little Italy. Coco, one of Phil's guys, walks up and asks if she's Tony's daughter. He leans down menacingly and tells her she has some cream on her mouth (which she doesn't, so he's making a blowjob remark), and then wipes her lips. Meadow recoils as Coco says he'd be happy to add to it. Her date finally speaks up, and Coco comments that Tony is lucky, because it must be fun tucking Meadow in at night. Her date stands up, although he's fairly slight next to the gargantuan Coco, and asks if there's a problem. Albie shows up and tells Coco to take off. He leaves with a cackle, and Meadow looks horrified. Her date asks what that was all about.

The next day, Meadow has clearly just told Carmela what happened, and Carmela tells her, "That is not for you to decide." Tony walks in and jokes that they're talking about him. Meadow and Carm exchange significant looks. Meadow doesn't want to say anything at first, but finally asks if he knows a guy named Coco. Carm pipes up and says that Coco "pulled some crap" while Meadow was out on a date. Tony sits down and asks for details. Meadow tries to downplay it, only allowing that Coco said he'd like to tuck her in at night. Which isn't what he said, but what he actually said was worse. She says with disgust that she could smell the sambuca on his breath. Tony wants to know exactly what he said. Meadow relates the tale fairly accurately and looks upset. Tony assures her that it's not a big deal, because Coco is an idiot, and he'll take care of it. Carmela takes the opportunity to ask whom Meadow's dating, and she admits that it's Patrick Parisi, Patsy's older son. Carmela is stunned. Tony gets up to leave, clearly still stewing about the Coco thing. I do wonder if it made a difference that Coco said what he said to Meadow and Patrick, another child of a made man.

After Tony leaves, Carmela asks for more details about Meadow's relationship. She explains that they started talking at the Cleaver premiere, and she knew her parents didn't like him, so she kept it a secret. Carmela says it's not that they don't like him but doesn't explain further. Now that she's coming clean, Meadow declares that she's decided not to go to medical school, because it's too hard. Carmela is angry. Meadow says she's decided on law, mostly because it's inspired her to hear Patrick talk about it. So it was medical school when she was dating a dental student, and now it's law school while she's dating a law student. Nice independence there, Meadow.

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