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Back in the lecture hall, House says that the patient was dead for over a minute.

As a surprisingly angelic-looking House, dressed in his hospital gown (no open back -- sorry, ladies!) watches from afar, the farmer and his brand-new puppy spend some time by the fence. The farmer takes a second to readjust a screw in his prosthetic leg, and then rejoins the fun. House beams over to the stands at a volleyball court, where the volleyball girl and her totally healed leg are winning games in front of a cheering crowd. She made a pretty quick recovery from the chemo, there, considering her case must have taken place in the less than six months that all three Cottages were working for House. Cuddy gets House's heart going again, and he comes back to his hospital bed.

In the lecture hall, a voice asks House whether the patient's near-death visions were real. If so, he must have been really confused, seeing as he didn't even meet the farmer or the volleyball player until five years later. I'd be kind of pissed if I got a glimpse of my afterlife and it was just two random people engaged in activities I don't find at all entertaining. I hope I at least get some rusty chains to rattle around at night or something. The voice belongs to Wilson, who apparently actually had to do his job when House was in the hospital, since we don't see him by House's side in the flashbacks. House says it is his personal belief that the white light or visions people commonly experience when they die are simply a consequence of the brain firing off random neurons as it shuts down for good, like when you turn off your computer and some random-ass screensaver pops up for a second before it turns off. Or does that only happen to me? I hope it's not another stupid virus. And again, if my brain doesn't have any better neurons to fire off than the ones showing a farmer and a volleyball player going about their daily activities, I'm going to be really angry. Provided that the anger section of my brain hasn't shut down yet, which I'm thinking it won't until the very end. After some prodding from the real Foreman, House says that is what he chooses to believe because it gives him the most comfort. Cameron asks how not believing in an afterlife can be comforting. "I find it more comforting to believe that this isn't simply a test," House says. I'm guessing that's because he was always one of those people who didn't test well.

Back in Flashback Land, House is more and more pain, making Stacy more and more worried. She thinks the pain would have subsided if House were going to get better by now, but House says it's just taking longer than he thought. Stacy urges him to have the leg amputated. "It's my leg. It's my life," House says. When Stacy asks, he says he would cut his own leg off to save her, and she asks why he can't do the same for himself. She cries that House is just as worthy as she is, and that he deserves to be happy. One-legged and happy. House whimpers that he can't tell someone to cut his leg off. Stacy says that the pain alone will kill him. "I need you to talk to the doctor," House says.

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