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House mutters to Cuddy that he isn't doing this again. It should be easy, since he has figured out what was wrong with the sick professor, so he won't need any more sick days. The guy has lead poisoning from the paint in his "World's Greatest Dad" coffee mug that his kids apparently painted for him with the lead paint their stupid dad bought for them. If he switches to plastic cups, he'll make a full recovery.

The StudentCottages think about what they've learned as they pack up to leave class. StudentForeman doesn't appear to have learned all that much, but that might just be because Andrew Keegan looks perpetually stupid. Cuddy already learned whatever lessons she needed to at the time of the actual event, so she just looks sad as she remembers that she was the one who suggested the "middle ground" that turned one of her doctors into a people-hating, drug-addicted misanthrope.

House might have learned something to, as he seems to have forgiven Stacy enough to agree to see her husband. He limps into his office, and the episode ends with a shot of his office door, which reads: "Gregory House, M.D. Department of Diagnostic Medicine." I think the season should have ended right there; there's no way next week's season finale will be able to top it.

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