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Back. Nicole asks Tim if he has a girlfriend. He lies no. He says he hasn't dated anyone in eight months. Nicole says she totally believes him and doesn't need to verify it with anyone else but him. Uh, I would rethink that. Nicole camera-talks that she believes him -- that he's looking her in the eye and telling her that he doesn't have a girlfriend. The funny thing is, right at that moment, he's totally avoiding eye contact. Tim babbles about how the sorority and frat try to control their lives. Nicole says that they'll take the next four weeks (during pledging) as a learning experience, and then when it's over they'll "be together" and they can see each other! Tim's face reads, "Holy shit, what have I gotten myself into?" Nicole tells us she has to believe him because she wants to believe him because she likes him so much. Uh-oh. They have a chaste kiss on the cheek.

Night. Buffalo. Buffalo. Pledge house. Laura tells Courtney that Karissa is planning on seeing her boyfriend on Monday, even though now they're not allowed to leave the house for the night. Courtney says she can't stand Karissa. Laura wants to wait until some event so Karissa doesn't stamp out again, and Courtney says, "Whatever. Peace out. Go ahead." Hee. Courtney camera-smokes about how she doesn't think Karissa is going to make a good sister. Well, duh.

Karissa talks with Nikki, telling her that she's frustrated because she has tons of work and can't do everything. Nikki totally doesn't give a shit, saying it's going to be even harder when she makes it in. Laura comes in, needing to talk to Karissa. Karissa is worried. Laura tells her that Karissa can't see Screech on Monday. Karissa says, "I wouldn't have done this if I had known that." Karissa camera-talks that romping with Screech one day a week lets her make it through the other seven or eight hard days of her week. There are nine days in Karissa's week, apparently. In Karissa's defense, they just added this rule. So that's unfair. (She still sucks, though.) Laura is trying to backpedal on why they made the rule, and she knows it's bullshit, you can tell, and Karissa says she's going to give back her pin and go see Screech on Monday and don't try to stop her. No one does. Ha. Nikki tells us Karissa should have just depledged sooner. Man, Nikki's eyes are creeping me out something wicked.

Night. Moon. Sister house. Karissa goes to tell Amy she's quitting, but Brooke brings all the pledges to try to stop her. Brooke babbles about how she didn't think she wanted to be here either, but then changed her mind. Amy barely tries to stop Karissa. She then camera-talks, totally reading a cue card, about, again, how Karissa would make a shitty sister. Karissa cries about what other stuff she would have to give up if she stayed, and the sisters are like, "Oh shit, she's thinking of staying now!" And they quickly start trying to convince her subtly to bail. Brooke picks up on this, saying that when she was leaving, there were a lot of people trying to keep her, while now everyone is like, "See ya!"

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