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God Is Mad

MamaStacey arrives. She camera-Yetis that when Brooke bailed, she was bummed. But with Karissa, she's happy. MamaStacey tells Karissa, "You know, you're always welcome to…hang out with us, or whatever." Hee. She totally stopped herself from saying she can come back whenever she wants and try again. Karissa hugs everyone. The sisters are really fucking happy. Karissa then camera-blahs that she didn't mean to demean what the sisters were trying to do.

Brooke and Karissa go outside to make out. They close-talk -- Karissa says she feels this was the right move now, and that she was only really staying for Brooke, and she's sure they'll remain friends. (Yeah, right.) Brooke says again how she hates some of the girls there. They hug, Brooke saying she'll miss her a lot. Finally Brooke adds, "Consider yourself lucky you don't have to wear the shirt anymore." MTV totally doesn't get it, and leaves this in, not realizing they're dissing the sponsor. The girls who will never again speak say they love each other and that they'll talk tomorrow, and Karissa gets into her car to drive quickly for a chaste romp with Screech in Cleveland. What a fate. See, God does hate her.

Pledge house. Nicole is on the phone with Tim, telling him that all the sisters keep telling her to be "careful" with Tim, and she keeps wondering, "Why?" Uh, because he doesn't even like you and everyone can see that but yourself. Nicole tells us if she had to pick between Tim and the house, she'd pick Tim. So now Tim, in a perfect asshole move, asks, "What do you want out of this?" Nicole refuses to answer until he does. Tim finally says, "I don't want to be in a serious relationship right now, I can tell you that much." Ooooooh! Damn! Nicole again reacts as if slapped; she grabs her forehead and makes this funny noise. Hee. I shouldn't laugh, or rewind it over and over to watch and giggle, but I can't help it. Tim goes on about how he has his plate full and doesn't want a serious relationship. She tries to get him to not rule anything out. He appeases her a bit, saying that he's not going to decide his future right now, and adds, fucking himself by giving her a bit of hope, "It might change. You never know." Tim says he's glad they got that out on the table, and he has to go. They hang up. "That wasn't a very fun conversation," Nicole says, getting up. Nicole then camera-talks about how she's put herself in yet another bad situation; she likes Tim and she's bummed to think it might not work. During this, we get a montage of all the great times they had together: like when they had dinner that one time…and that other time when they walked to the car after dinner.

Nicole lies in bed now, headphones on, crying. Aw. Hee. Aw.

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