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Ghost Bad

Talon. Lois, having just read a book on exorcism and cleansing rituals, is waving a burning roll of sage around the room as she snarks at Clark on the phone for not letting Chloe stay in the hospital in the first place. She turns just in time to see that the creepy orderly is there. He looks even creepier now that he's wearing a gray hoodie. Lois tries to figure out where she knows him. She calls him a nurse by accident. "'Nurse' is a whole other thing," he explains. She should have just said "corpse-looking guy." Lois apologizes for her smoking sage, and says she's trying to do a little aura cleansing. Yeah, auras are a whole other thing, too, Lois. The Disorderly asks if Chloe's around. Lois wonders when orderlies started making house calls. Disorderly says that Chloe seemed sweet, and that he wanted to make sure she got help before something bad happened. Lois says she'll call Dr. Turtleneck if she hears from Chloe. Disorderly hovers creepily. Lois asks what he's looking at. He tells Lois that his dad used to run the Talon when it was a theater, and that it's been about ten years since he's been there. Lois tries to get him to leave. Disorderly asks Lois to tell Chloe he stopped by. Creeeeeepy Man! Lois calls someone. If it's Clark, he's not answering. Lois is attacked from behind. Disorderly uses the old chloroform trick and struggles with Lois as she drops the phone. On the phone, we hear as someone from the sheriff's department answers. Lois is unconscious on the floor. I'm no advocate for kidnapping, but at least it shut her up.

Dark and stormy night at what looks like a haunted house. Raccoon Chloe opens a creaky gate and enters a yard as the rain pours down. Something howls in the distance. Lightning flashes. Raccoon Chloe approaches the front door of this house. She knocks and fiddles with her lips. Disorderly answers. Raccoon Chloe says she didn't know where else to go. Huh? She asks for help. Disorderly lets her inside. He looks outside menacingly to make sure nobody saw his...heh heh..."guest" enter.

Inside, Disorderly tries to reassure Chloe that things will be all right. Raccoon Chloe, still with the lip thing, asks if he'll help her the way he helped Gretchen. Disorderly blinks and goes, "Who?" Raccoon Chloe starts to lose it as she describes how he used to be so nice to Gretchen. He gave her a bracelet and listened to all her problems. Then, she says, he told Gretchen his problems and it made her sick. Allison Mack pretty much rocks this scene. Too bad it's such a silly storyline. Disorderly just stares. Raccoon Chloe cries as she says that Gretchen tried to get away, but that Disorderly used a knife. He asks how she could know that: "No one can." "Except you and Gretchen," says Raccoon Chloe. "She didn't deserve to die like that you son of a bitch!" Disorderly tries to convince Chloe that she's crazy with all this accusatory talk. He tells her not to worry. He can help. In hell! He grabs her roughly and pushes her against a wall in the hallway. He whispers that it's going to hurt just a little bit. "This is gonna hurt a lot," Raccoon Chloe says. She whips out the stun gun and affixes it to his neck. Much grunting. Disorderly falls. Raccoon Chloe grabs a handy heavy-looking tchotchke and starts whacking Disorderly about the head. What stops her is hearing Lois call out, "Help me!" Chloe drops the heavy item and goes down to a scary basement. The frightful music intensifies. Jame Gumb? Is that you? Raccoon Chloe finds Lois tied up in a chair. Lois seems pretty calm. She explains that the orderly is the one who killed the girl in the wall. Raccoon Chloe says she knows. She promises that he won't hurt anyone again. "Chloe!" Lois yells, but it's too late. Disorderly is there, and punches Chloe right across the mouth. She spins and falls like in a cartoon. "Time for your treatment, ladies," Disorderly says. He's got a pretty severe wound on his head.

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