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Ghost Bad

Commercials. Why does T-Mobile do its cell-phone experiments in the squirrel room from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory?

More basement non-fun. Now Lois and Chloe are both tied up. Disorderly asks Raccoon Chloe if it hurts, and if she wants to do something wrong to herself even though she deserves it. Huh? I know you're crazy, man, but make some fucking sense. Raccoon Chloe tells Disorderly to let "them" go. He looks over at Lois. "'Them'?" he asks. He takes it as a sign that she's disassociated and even more screwed up than he is. He makes a creepy speech about things beneath the skin that he can help stop. Lois yells at him to get away from Chloe. He tells Lois that he's just trying to help Chloe before she ends up in an asylum like her mother. "Her mother?" Lois asks, suddenly believing what the crazy guy is telling her. Disorderly says he knows this just like he knows lots of squirmy things about his girls. He goes over to a case full of diabolical blades and other weapons. There's a Kryptonite bracelet in there. He takes it out as he says that his father used to make that jewelry. He says that, while he made the bracelets, he'd tell the boy secrets about his mother. Eyes downcast, Disorderly says that his mother wasn't a very nice person. Raccoon Chloe struggles against her ropes as Disorderly says that his father loved his mom anyway, and helped her to be at peace. In hell. Disorderly says that he helps his girls, too. He slips the bracelet onto the whimpering Raccoon Chloe. Raccoon Chloe spits in his face. Not cool. Lois doesn't know what to think of any of this. Disorderly goes and gets a large blade. He points it at Raccoon Chloe. Then at Lois. Lois starts to shake and be scared, too. Man, I'm so tired of this scene. Lois screams as Disorderly cuts one of her ropes. He tells Lois to take his knife. Shaking, she does. He tells her to slit her own wrists. "Screw you, shorty," she says. He wants her to slit her wrists to release all her secrets. See how that works? He says that she can be at peace just like all the rest. He says that she can do that, or he'll shoot Raccoon Chloe. He busts out a gun and points it at her. Wow, that really defeats the whole love-secrets-slashing thing, huh? This guy really doesn't seem to plan these out very well. But then, who's the bigger loser? I'm here trying to make sense of this bullshit. Disorderly yells for Lois to "do it!" The dramatic music is way, way too loud.

Full moon outside. We're actually in Metropolis, where Clark is inside The Daily Planet. They just let him in on his own now? He's reading a story on a computer screen with the headline, "Smallville Mourns Missing Teen." Clark purses his lips and narrows his brows as he angrily reads the newspaper. A close-up of a vigil photo shows creepy Disorderly standing there holding a candle, looking shady. Clark clicks a bookmark that reads, "Employee profile" and it somehow magically takes him to a dossier of the orderly from Kansas Regional Health Care. Boy, it's like Magic Google! Sure, you could say that this is just one of the pages that Clark has been sitting here meticulously researching, but you'd also give Clark way too much credit for doing all of this without Chloe. Clark stares at Disorderly's home address. He zips out of there.

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