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Go Fish

Lori and Bolo fill in one last hole in their drying table and take off, leaving Hornio as the last team stacking. Before long, however, they're on their way as well.

And out on the water, up comes Don and MJ's third fish. "Uno mas," he says to her. With a cymbal crash, Gus and Hera get theirs as well. "Number four, sil vous plait," Gus says, so apparently, praying in Romance languages is all the rage.

Kris and Jon have gotten some more bad cab driver karma, and appear to not be where they need to be, as far as getting to the salt mounds. Nuance and Hayden and Aaron, however, are pulling up to the clue box. The Roadblock is taken by Kendra and Hayden. Kendra gives us the episode title as she wades in saying, "Ohh, what if this isn't sanitary?" Well, it's supersaturated with salt, dear, so there's probably not a lot living it, bacteria-wise. She also expresses concern about why the water is red. She voices over that she thought maybe the color in the water was blood. Of course, the amount of blood -- from a stabbed flamingo, presumably -- that it would take to turn a lake that size that shade of pink is rather imposing. Kendra sort of fusses around with the shovel and the salt, wanting to know if she can do it in some neat way without getting all icky. "Why did I let her do this?" Freddy mutters to himself. Well, she's going to have to do something. ["Better this than a brain-teaser, Freddy. Girl's a bonehead." -- Sars] Aaron cuts right to the chase, telling Hayden that there isn't going to be a way to do this without getting down in the water. "You've got to get wet," he tells her. And then, she starts bringing up the scoops of salt.

And now, finally, Kris and Jon pull up to the Roadblock. She takes it, charging right out into the water. A bit behind her is Lori, who takes it for her team, and then El Hornio. "It just looks like a manual labor thing," Rebecca says, which I guess is supposed to support giving it to him, but came out sounding a little funny. As soon as he gets into the water, El Hornio starts to complain. "What do I do with this?" he asks. "Scoop it up, scoop it up!" she hollers back, miming it for him in case he can't hear. Jonathan brings back a basket for Spazpants, and then Kris brings one back for her team, leaving it just at the surface of the water, hoping (I think) that the water will support it a little. She pours the salt into the bucket and then, as she heads back out, Jon says, "Damn, she's hot." He goes on: "Kris is doing great, and she looks even better doing it." He smiles a little, not quite embarrassed, and then we get a rather gratuitous shot of Kris's boobs from about three inches away, just a trifle heavy-handed, guys. I'm not against finding your girlfriend hot, though. The comment's not gross, just the shot.

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