What The…?, Part II

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Andrew's Own Medicine Tastes Terrible

Anyway, the members of Morgan clearly take particular joy in this repast, since it's the first thing they've eaten in a long, long time that wasn't rice, beans, or coconut. Andrew voices over that the food "made [him] feel human again," and then he puts his arm around Rupert. Because they're best buds. "From a morale standpoint, I realized that I may actually make it out of this place," Andrew interviews with a smile, as the giant circling bird of foreshadowing calls "Caw, caw" above his head.

Back at a conversation among the women, Sandra is explaining that she depends on Rupert for food. It certainly sounds like it may be an explanation of Sandra's limited attachment to Rupert in any other capacity, but that part we don't see. Lill interviews that, for a little while, everybody really was getting along well and enjoying their meal together. She says that she quickly became aware, however, that the game would soon be on again, so she had a limited amount of time to start playing.

Morgan holds a little conference in which Andrew talks to Tijuana about which Drake they'd like to boot first. Andrew wants to get rid of Jon, because like the rest of America, he finds Jon a thoroughly revolting person. Jon, meanwhile, is chatting up Lill, who tells him that she knows perfectly well that if she didn't have immunity this round and Morgan had lost, they would have tossed her in a second. "They're so tight," she says, referring to Andrew, Tijuana, Darrah, and Ryan-O. "The four of them are so tight." Jon interviews -- being a little more normal and a little less prick-like than usual -- that he was happy to see that Lill was still bitter toward Morgan for kicking her out. He goes to Rupert and reports that Lill hates Morgan. Rupert smiles and shakes his head, as he generally does when he's thinking about how much smarter he is than everyone else. Rupert voices over: "We were trying to figure out how we could turn one Morgan against the others, and we find that little Lill already kinda resented them for voting her out." I'm sorry, "little Lill"? Good God. Like he's not condescending enough, he has to resort to calling an adult woman who is not physically small by any definition "little Lill"? Pat her on the head, why don't you, you big pirate? And then shut the hell up, because you exhaust me.

Burton is sent (logically enough) as an ambassador from Drake to approach Lill about voting with them. He tells her that the rest of Drake likes her just fine, even though they don't know her, and that they're willing to adopt her into their alliance if she's willing to be adopted. "Are you sure?" she asks him. "Yes," he says confidently. She interviews that Burton told her that she and he could "go all the way" together -- ew, not like that! -- and this clearly put her mind at ease. It's a hell of a lot better than sticking with Morgan, who will clearly give her the boot at the earliest opportunity. "I have to think that maybe he's on the up-and-up," Lill says. Even if he isn't, it's a better offer than Morgan's going to make her.

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