What The…?, Part II

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Andrew's Own Medicine Tastes Terrible

Jeff turns to the Big Skinny, asking Ryan how much the revenge factor played out for him, considering that the buff on his head says "DIE, JERKS," so one would almost think he was a trifle bitter. Ryan says that it was a "huge motivation" for him, because he felt that the members of Morgan never accepted him or gave him a chance. He opens up the floodgates of spite talking about how great it was to be done with the challenge and to look over and see dweebs like Andrew still struggling to finish. Ah, yes, young Ryan...let it all out...there's no point in suppressing the petty. Let it flood your soul. That's what I always do. Jeff comments on the overwhelming emotion of the post-challenge celebration, and asks Burton -- the Outcasts' obvious leader -- what the "key factor" was in their victory. Burton unforgivably forgets to mention the big love of Mark Burnett and his team of fixers, and instead claims that the key was the Outcasts' determination and ability to work as a team. It's always the people behind the scenes who are forgotten.

Jeff explains that each person will now have a chance to pitch himself or herself as the best Outcast to reenter the game. He starts with Nicole. And if you think Nicole is going back into the game, you're almost as gullible as Lill. Nicole argues that she got booted for telling the truth, so she'll be the best one to keep on telling the truth. And...get booted again, presumably. Nice speech, genius. On to Mama Lill. She says that she should go back in because she wants to prove the Morgan "sonofabitches" wrong about her. As she says she wants to prove she's tough, we see a very nice and very affectionate Ryan S. smile, which may or may not be creatively edited. It certainly looks Lill-appropriate, in that it looks like he loves her and thinks she's nuts. And if he thinks that? I feel him. Trish says that she wants back in because she's never been one to take her eye off the ball, winning-wise. If she goes back in, she'll be totally devoted to seeing an Outcast take home the prize. I'm not sure that these people who are using the "I'm going to keep doing it just like I did it before" argument are going to get very far. One could argue there was a flaw in their strategies the first time, no? We move on to Michelle, who makes some kind of counterintuitive argument that the best way to be tough is to send the cute girl, or something. I don't know. I'm not sure she's got the sophistication for reverse psychology, if that's her intention, and I think we all know she's certainly not going back in anyway. Ryan S. argues that he loves the game the most, and repeats the vow they've all been making that he would be sure to bring the victory home to an Outcast. I actually would have loved to see them send Ryan, just to see how incredibly angry Andrew would have been. "Pissant! Misfit! Loser! Uhhhh, please don't vote me off!" Heh. Anything that would make Andrew grind his teeth would fill me with girlish giggles, just by definition.

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