What The…?, Part II

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Now that we've cut away the riffraffiest of the riffraff, it's time for Lill and Burton to find out which tribes they'll be going back to. This will be done by choosing buffs from a closed container, so either of them could go back to either tribe. In the container is one Drake buff and one Morgan buff, and Lill is the one to go up and pick out a buff. When she reaches her hand in, pulls a buff out, and sees Morgan orange, she is visibly dismayed. She hates her old tribe a real, real lot, in case you haven't picked up on that yet. "Oh, God help me," she mutters with an eye roll. Heh. "Guys, you have a second chance," Jeff says. "Nothing to be said, except make the most of it." Disproving the whole "nothing to be said" part, though, he keeps talking, which means he's kind of ruining his own moment. Just saying. Anyway, Jeff reminds them that they'll be immune from the next vote in order to give them a little time to assimilate. Then, it's time to send our two new ghosts back to their old tribes to wreak a little havoc. At least, that's what I'm hoping for. Is it wrong that I now find Burton really hot? Do I love him more because he's all cold and mean now? Come to think of it, based on past experience, that's not implausible.

Commercials. Kirstie Alley has lost her ever-lovin' mind.

Lightning flashes at Camp Drake, where the tribe members are awaiting with dread the arrival of their new member. Sandra says she's hoping for Lill or Ryan S. "If it's Burton, I will fall out," she says, making me want it to be Burton just because I can't stand how full of herself Sandra is and kind of want to see her "fall out," just to find out what that entails. She adds in an interview (in which she looks unreasonably fabulous, by the way) that she was worried that if Burton came back, he'd be mad at everyone. For, you know, conspiring to vote him off and stuff. Of course, Rupert would presumably support Burton in screaming his head off for ten minutes at everyone who voted for him, because just as Rupert was catching fish, Burton was helpfully winning challenges. How dare they vote for him!? Gee, I wonder if Rupert will apologize to Burton for telling Christa and Sandra and Trish they should vote for him. Probably. Anyway, they all start to go to bed expecting to meet their new tribemate in the morning, but Burton materializes on the beach out of the darkness just as they're settling in. (My God, I've had dreams just like this!) He walks over to camp, voicing over that he's excited about getting back in the game -- a chance he never thought he'd get. When he gets over to the tribe, he's all smiles and hellos, acting like he's not upset with them at all. In an interview, Rupert notes how this happy and positive attitude pumped Drake right back up. Hmm, you mean he didn't go on the attack like a total psychotic? How bizarre! No wonder Rupert is confused. The rest of the Drakes, reading the writing on the wall, apologize for voting for Burton, just dearly hoping that he's that stupid. I think not. Nevertheless, he assures them that it's water under the bridge, and not to worry. Sandra interviews that they're all on good terms now, and they're glad Burton's back, because he's strong, and now the tribe will go further. In an interview, Burton says that he's part of the tribe again, but that he certainly hasn't forgotten being voted off. "In the end, it's a game about deceit," he says. Couldn't have said it better myself, cutie-pie.

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