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Will You Be My Well-Meaning Buttinski?

Speaking of fuming, a very fey little customer at Luke's is explaining to Zach that he will not eat the oatmeal Zach has just served, because he will only accept steel-cut oats. Michel's heretofore unknown soulmate? Maybe. "Okay, okay, I think I got it," Zach says jovially. "You're like an analog guy with a CD. You miss vinyl's cool scratches and pops. I think I can work with that." At the counter, Kirk is annoying Luke with his delusions of grandeur, as usual. He is congratulating himself over his recent publication in the Stars Hollow paper; that his genius is showcased in the Classifieds doesn't seem to bother him. He's selling his mother's dinette set, and is proud of his Hemingwayesque ad writing. He runs it past Zach, who says he's not in the market. This leads to a discussion of the baby shower, to which, much to Zach's disappointment, Luke says he is not going, adding, "But there's a gift for you in the back." Kirk is alarmed: "Wait, gifts are required?" He says he'd been so caught up worrying about the what-to-wear question, he hadn't thought of gifts: "Just to clarify, people don't actually dress like babies, do they?" Hee. I wish. Zach turns again to ask Luke to come: "Look, it's not going to be too much of a rager. Real mellow vibe." Luke sighs that he'll think about it, not mentioning that his issue might be with the host of the party: Lorelai. Kirk is again perusing the Classifieds, reading other ads, including one about a boat for sale at 1211 Elmwood. Luke's head pops up: that's Liz's address, which means it's his boat, the sale of which is news to him.

Mrs. Kim is wrangling with a customer at the antique store when Lorelai comes in. The customer wants to take some cabinets out "on memo," meaning that she'll take them to her house to see how they look, and if she likes them will come back and pay for them. Oh, she has clearly never shopped at Mrs. Kim's. "No!" snaps Mrs. Kim. "I do not work with memos, I work with money!" Having run the customer away, she hands over the Lane photos to Lorelai, but not before lecturing her about how her demands that they be returned in the condition in which they were received. Lorelai is about to make her escape before an innocent comment -- "See you at the shower" -- reveals that Mrs. Kim will not be attending. Lorelai is upset. She knows, she says, that Lane will really want her to be there, and asks Mrs. Kim why she's not coming. "Lane knows why," says Mrs. Kim. Lorelai deduces that there must be a problem between mother and daughter, and asks, "Do you think you could put it aside for one day?" Mrs. Kim says no. Lorelai wonders if there's anything Lane can say or do to make her mom change her mind. Mrs. Kim says yes. "Does she know what it is?" Lorelai asks, rolling her eyes at this game of Twenty Questions. Mrs. Kim says yes, pronounces that she will not be there, waves her duster, and storms away in time to take a parting shot at the memo customer who has returned to once again sniff around the merchandise. Lorelai sighs.

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