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Will You Be My Well-Meaning Buttinski?

"Word on the street is, you wanna sell your boat?" Kirk asks, walking into Luke's diner. Luke: "Kirk, I called you." Kirk: "Yeah, but I was on the street when I got that call." They go out to look at the boat, which is parked in front of the diner. They haggle over the non-negotiable price of $600, and Kirk buys Luke's precious boat.

Things are crazy at Miss Patty's. Half the townies are there moving in all the decorations that were at Lorelai's. Miss Patty is overcome with the cuteness of the onesies: "There is nothing cuter than a baby in a onesie. Except, of course, Anthony Quinn in a onesie." Cringing, Lorelai says that she'll have to take her word for it. Blessedly, all talk of Anthony Quinn in baby clothes is halted by the arrival of Rory who is in a panic after having discovered the last-minute location change. Lorelai tries to distract Rory by asking about the bald-guy interview, but finally has to tell her about Lane's bedrest. "How are your shoes?" asks Lorelai, to Rory's great confusion, and they rush out.

Moments later, Rory and Lorelai are rolling Lane's bed down the street, Monkees-style, on the way to Miss Patty's. How they got a queen-size bed out a regular door, I don't know, but I don't care, because I love the hijinks. Lane, also, is thrilled to be getting her party which, honestly, looks like the most awesome party of all time. I wish I were pregnant right now so I could have one. Perhaps I will just throw myself one. Maybe it's just the many shots of the cupcakes, though, that is making me want a party...I am on a diet, so, you know, just the thought of cupcakes causes strange reactions in my brain.

Lorelai goes over to the onesie-painting station, where she is quizzed by Miss Patty on how she's doing with the whole Christopher situation. It's the first time Christopher has been mentioned in the whole episode, and frankly I had not missed him for a moment. Lorelai awkwardly says that she's doing well, moving forward, all of that. Sensing her discomfort, Babette decides (for once) to relieve it by talking about the onsies. Gil has drawn one free-hand which is very good (I'm sorry, I can't see the image very well, so I am not sure what the decoration is), and Lulu, also decorating, reveals her big-time crush on Gil by saying how awesome he is. When the other women shoot her looks, Lorelai intervenes: "Don't worry, Lulu. It's the whole rock star thing." True: I mean, we're talking about Sebastian Bach, here. You've seen his hair. And especially now that someone clearly held him down and gave him a V-05, who can be blamed for loving him?

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