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War is Hell's Kitchen

It's Slim's turn, and she doesn't like chili. Not one bit. "Maybe it's time to start," Joe suggests, not at all helpfully. She's able to pick out seven ingredients before stalling on what kind of meat Graham used. Beef or pork? Pork or beef? We know it's beef, of course, and -- after stringing us along through a commercial break, Slim figures it out, too. Jenna remains in the firing line.

That leaves us with two contestants, the first of which is David. "Thank you for dressing appropriately," Gordon says. Boy, you wear a tuxedo T-shirt to a Marine base one time, and people just don't let you forget about it. David rattles off eight ingredients without breaking a sweat. So it all comes down to Sharone -- "the financial adviser versus the stay-at-home mom," the narrator says, in a tone of voice that sounds like she lost a tidy little nest-egg on bad investments back in '08. Sharone picks out celery, beans, onions, tomatoes, peppers, jalapeƱos, and salt. Jenna is hoping he guesses chili powder, but he guesses cumin instead. Is there cumin? I won't make you suffer through a commercial break to let you know there is. Take off that apron, Jenna. You won't be needing it where you're going... which is most likely another kitchen, where a totally different apron awaits you. So, uh, forget I said anything.

Jenna's departure leaves us with just 11 contestants. And next week, Iron Chef Cat Cora stops by to teach the would-be MasterChefs a thing or three. If the Chairman doesn't tag along, I'm raising a stink.

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