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Parenthood: The Best and Worst Braverman Pairings in “Nipple Confusion”

Well, it's finally happened, Parenthoodies: a virtually weep-free episode of Parenthood. Yes, it was cute and all when Crosby finally bonded with his screaming machine, er, daughter, but it was one of the less sentimental episodes in the show's history. It's probably largely due to the fact that there's ongoing, stagnant story lines (the crying baby, Kristina's stressful campaign, Zeek being a stubborn bastard about moving) and brand new ones that wrapped up with a nice little bow (Drew's terrible dorm mate, Sarah wanting to photograph Kristina). Still, while it was a filler episode, that doesn't mean that I can't still rank the Bravermans. Here are the best pairings from last night's episode, "Nipple Confusion."

Best: Rymber and Drew
Poor sweet, anxious little Drew. He wound up at his sister's doorstep, only to find her fooling around with her fiancé Ryan…after unceremoniously being locked out of his own dorm room so his douchy roommate could fool around with some random lady. Turns out this lacrosse-playing roomie -- whose vocabulary is limited to "dude" and "bro" -- has not only been keeping Drew locked out so he can hook up, but he's been using his sheets (ew) and has been a general nightmare. (Hey, it wouldn't be college without an awful roommate experience). Rymber, looking out for baby brother, was having no part of it and barged in on Dudebro the Roommate and basically became the Braverman family mafia and laid down the law. It was hilarious and awesome and I would like to hire Rymber as my own personal hired goons to take care of all my problems. Oh, and as a cherry on top, Drew got up the nerve to invite his crush Natalie over to his dorm to…play Scrabble. Still… pretty adorable.

Best: Adam and Kristina
The nice thing about watching a couple like Kristina and Adam fight is that not only do they fight fair, but they know when to go to their corners and when to come back and make amends. Adam was still having a hard time with Kristina's campaign (including the expenses that were piling up and the coffee that was disappearing) and Kristina felt like Adam wasn't being supportive enough. They were both right, really, and after some time to cool off and think about what was best for the both of them, Kristina decided to pump the brakes on her mile-a-minute campaign and take a moment to breathe post-cancer, while Adam promised to believe in her. I mean these two, really.

Best: Zeek and Camille
Look, I'm just happy Zeek and Camille have an actual storyline. But I'm even more thrilled that it's one that reflects what many couples experience (a lack of communication and different long-term dreams) and one that allows the always-headstrong Camille to not take any of the always-stubborn Zeek's crap. (She knew immediately that his buying of a fixer-upper car wasn't a side project, but a way for them to stall from moving). While I hope Camille gets her wish to travel and see the world and "take the next step" with her husband by her side, a small part of me, like Zeek, doesn't want to see that incredible house go. This is the storyline I'm probably most invested in right now, and unlike the more predictable Kristina mayoral campaign, it's the one whose resolution I'm not entirely certain about.

Worst: Joel and Julia
Like Adam and Kristina, Joel and Julia eventually resolved their squabble (this week it was about Victor; after his teacher told them he might have to be held back in the 4th grade, the two disagreed on what to do about it). But unlike Adam and Kristina, one of them isn't having a stronger connection with someone outside of their marriage (Julia with Ed) and they are about ten times as irritating to watch (well, okay, Julia is, because Joel is wonderful). I also don't buy that -- aside from his educational woes -- Victor is some sort of saintly, cooperative kid. Then again, at least he's better than Sydney.

Worst: Sarah and Her Camera
You know it's a bad week for Sarah when her ex-boyfriend Hank, the human equivalent of Eeyore, can cut her right to the core by accurately pointing out she is flighty and switches careers on the reg. Sarah spent the majority of the episode getting hired, fired and re-hired to take Kristina's head shots (they had their reservations about her, as she has only photographed pets thus far). While she ultimately did a good job taking those photos, it's still really hard to take her seriously.

Worst: Crosby and Jasmine
Really, three whole episodes devoted to a screaming, crying baby? Was it to make us feel just as on-edge and exhausted as Crosby and Jasmine? Or was it to make the moment when Crosby connected with baby Aida by getting her to take a bottle feel that much sweeter? Because it was nice and all (the whole "I'm always gonna be here" spiel was cute), but really, our only tears of joy came from the fact that the baby finally stopped wailing.

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