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In the back seat

Back at Thunder Road, Kiefer is standing outside the limo, thwacking the wet towel against the hood of the car for Cofell's benefit. He calls Nina to find out what she's got on Kevin Carroll. According to Nina, there are six Kevin Carrolls, and one of them is a machine tool company executive. Kiefer thinks it's a cover, but Nina thinks that Kiefer kidnapped the wrong TerrorBanker. He gets back in the driver's seat and heads for the parking garage to meet Kevin Carroll. The time is 10:25:48 AM.

The time is 10:30:18 AM. Klockwise from the top left, Palmer waits for Kreepy Karl, Kiefer waits for no man, Lady Mac waits to move into the White House, and Spawn waits by the SoS window for Rick. Spawn, who's got this Kirsten Dunst hairstyle all of a sudden, notices that Bride is in pain. "How bad is it?" asks Spawn. "It comes and goes," says Bride. Spawn wants to "get help." Uh, where? Even the St. Mahk's hospital managed to kill your best friend. Bride tells her to stay put and wait for Kiefer.

Back in the Cofell Limo, Cofell manages to get his hands on a mysterious object hidden in the armrest. Kiefer is too busy driving to notice…or is he?

At the elementary school cafeteria, Palmer and Lady Mac sign basketballs, sample school lunches, and answer questions about their storybook marriage. "You knew each other in elementary school?" asks the nosy camera-friendly teacher. "We've known each other all our lives," says Lady Mac. Yeah, they're brother and sister. Hey, now we've got a plotline! Lady Mac shovels some chicken a la king into her gullet, makes a fake yummy sound, hands the Styrofoam cup back to the hairnet-clad lunch lady really fast, and tells the assembled folk that they've got another campaign stop. Best moment ever! Palmer escorts her to an area in the cafeteria where they can speak privately, strokes her hair lovingly for the benefit of the watchful press, and asks her if she's spoken to Karl lately. As devious as Lady Mac is, she can't lie when questioned directly. She admits that she called Karl to get him to stop Reporter Maureen, but that Karl had his own agenda for stopping the story by taking care of Ferragamo. Palmer asks her why she didn't tell him this piece of information earlier. Lady Mac claims that she didn't think it was important. "I'm trying to believe that when you deceived me seven years ago that it was only a one-time thing," says Palmer. Palmer thinks that the average wife only lies once every seven years? This man is running for president? Hah! He walks away and runs into PMHC, who did some research on Kiefer, but ran into a lot of gaps because most of the information is classified. "Is one of those gaps from the summer about two years ago?" asks Palmer. "How did you know?" asks PMHC. But Palmer doesn't answer because he has other things to deal with.

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