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In the back seat

At 10:34:13 AM, Kiefer and Cofell arrive at the parking garage. Okay, you know how if you want some fast food and you don't want to get out of your car, you can always go to a drive-thru window? Parking garages are drive-thru windows for bad stuff. Like, if I'm too lazy to drive to a dangerous neighborhood and get shot in a crackhouse drive-by, I can always find a parking garage and have the trouble come to me. That's the beauty of being an American, where it's all about convenience and freedom. Kiefer enters the back seat and the mysterious object in Cofell's hand turns out to be a knife known as a Micro Tek Halo. Apparently it's pretty fancy weaponry, so Kiefer -- after he manages to sidestep the blade and pry it out of Cofell's hands -- asks what the hell an "average businessman" is doing with one in his car. Cofell responds in Serbian. Of course, Cofell could be saying something like, "What do you think really caused Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman to break up? Was there a contract or is she just clueless?" But it sounds really sinister. Kiefer beats a translation out of him and is told that Kiefer "deserve[s] everything that is happening to [him]." "You vill pay!" says the newly Serbian Cofell. Unfortunately, Kiefer loses his temper and punches Cofell in the chest, causing him to go into cardiac arrest. Cofell refuses to take his heart medicine and dies before he can give up any information about where the Kieferettes are being held or what exactly Kiefer "vill" pay for. The time is 10:37:18 AM. Shit, motherfucker!

The time is 10:41:32 AM. Klockwise from the top left, Kiefer regrets, Spawn frets, and Cofell's maker is met. Nina konsoles Kiefer on his failed attempt to make Cofell talk. "Nina, there is something wrong about this whole situation," he says, choking up. "This is not just about David Palmer." Nina suggests that Kiefer meet up with Kevin Carroll to see if he knows anything. Kiefer asks Nina to do more research on Cofell, including his extended family, and to dig around in his field assignment files to see if there's any connection between him and Palmer. Apparently there was a top-secret assignment in Belgrade that Kiefer was in on called Project Nightfall. They hang up, and Kiefer sits Cofell's body back up in the passenger seat a la Weekend at Bernie's.

Back at CTU, Soul Patch approaches Nina and asks her to consider going to SubstituteKiefer and laying all their cards on the table. "Kiefer said no," says Nina. "It's Kiefer's family so it's Kiefer's call." Soul Patch doesn't think that Alberta DeVil is "dirty." Nina agrees, but points out that Alberta goes "by the book" and would call in her superiors and jeopardize the whole situation. "If one of them is another Jalapeno…" says Nina, handing Soul Patch some fake files for the benefit of Alberta's watchful eyes. Soul Patch gives up and walks off.

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