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Sex, Lies, Videotape, Laptops, and Cell Phones

The time is 2:36:21 PM. Okay, this scene is about family and how important families are to everyone, be they black and running for president, a philandering CIA agent with rage syndrome, or Serbian terrorists with an axe to grind. It finally hits Palmer that he's not being targeted because he's black. "They just want revenge for taking out Drazen," he says, laughing bitterly. This makes Palmer meditate on his shortcomings as a father. "I just realized today that I haven't always been there for Theo, and what's killing me is that he's always been there for me." Uh, are we talking about Theo or do you have another son? Kiefer says he kan sympathize, because he's been a shitty father and husband. Palmer asks if the Kieferettes are okay. "I hope so," says Kiefer. The time is 2:38:50 PM.

The time is 2:43:13 PM. Klockwise from the top left, Palmer and Kiefer are hard at work, Palmer and Kiefer are hard at work but from another angle, and Nina turns on the video camera. Milo enters the Konfrontational Koffee room with the files that HBWG sent over. He kopied, kollated, and kross-referenced them and included a summary about "Operation Nightfall" at the end. Great idea, Kiefer, letting a temp Xerox top-secret information. Milo leaves, and they dig through the papers. Palmer discovers something shocking. Drazen's wife and daughter were in the TerrorBunker when it exploded. Clearly the kidnapping of the Kieferettes was quid pro quo for the deaths of Drazen's family members. They send for Chappelle, because he is in charge of security for the Kieferettes.

I love how, in movies like sex, lies and videotape, whenever a video camera is turned on, people get really honest and let it all hang out, whereas in real life, people get in front of a camera and start blithering like idiots about trivial bullshit. Nina is asking about Rick's role in the kidnapping. Bride tells Nina that he helped them escape and that Spawn met him through PMMS. At the mention of PMMS's name, Nina writes something down in her notebook like "dead slutty friend." Bride starts talking about raising a teenager and the worries associated with it. Nina tells her that Kiefer always said that Spawn was a "level-headed kid." How often was Kiefer home, and how high was he when he got there? Bride is surprised to learn how much Kiefer talked about his family with Nina, and asks her point-blank if she's the one he went with during their separation. Nina turns off the camera and admits that she was with Kiefer, but that it didn't last long and he subsequently went back to Bride. "What about you?" asks Bride. "Did you think it was a mistake?" Nina doesn't answer. Bride needs to take a break. The time is 2:49:06 PM.

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