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Sex, Lies, Videotape, Laptops, and Cell Phones

The time is 2:53:35 PM. Klockwise from the top left, Bride is pissed, Nina feels guilty, and Palmer gets impatient. In the Konfrontational Koffee room, Palmer gets up to leave. He can't wait for HBWG to call back. Kiefer explains to Palmer that he's under house arrest and that if Palmer leaves, he won't be able to kontinue working. Palmer leaves the koffee room with Kiefer in tow and approaches Alberta and Chappelle, who are walking across the floor. He tells them to reinstate Kiefer. Alberta protests. They all agree that Kiefer kan kontinue to work the case, but he will answer to Chappelle. Jeez, that was way less satisfying than I was hoping it would be. I wanted to see Chappelle cry like a girl and Alberta throw a temper tantrum that made her wig fall off. Maybe next week. Kiefer shows Palmer to the door and advises him to leave California. Palmer doesn't want to. "Let's flush them out into the open and deal with them," says Palmer. Uh, whatever keeps the plot going. Palmer apologizes to Kiefer for misjudging him; they shake hands, and he exits. Let's not have them share a scene again, okay? I don't like watching Kiefer kiss ass.

Back at the Safe House, Spawn lies about Rick for the camera and alleges that EFB#2 was the real kidnapper. Nina isn't buying it, but before she can call Spawn on her shit, her cell phone rings. It's Kiefer. He tells her the good news about being reinstated. Oh, and they're sending more guards over to the Safe House because the Kieferettes are TerrorTargets. "But this is not information they need to know," says Kiefer. Nina promises not to let on. He asks to speak to Bride. Nina puts her on. Kiefer asks Bride what the important phone call was about. Bride says it turned out to be nothing. He tells her to get some rest, and they hang up. Spawn wants to know what Kiefer's reaction was to the baby. Bride tells her it wasn't the "right time" to tell him.

Kiefer's back in the Kiefer Kube. His phone rings. It's HBWG, calling from the men's room urinal to tell him that he can't locate a missing file. Kiefer wants to know how they can track it down. HBWG is about to answer when someone sneaks up behind him and strangles him. "Bob? Can you hear me?" says Kiefer into the phone, but it's to no avail. The screen splits into three. Palmer is in his limo sipping scotch, Kiefer is still trying to get an answer out of StrangledHBWG, and the TerrorBrothers hug and leave the café. Finally, Bride curls into a fetal position at the foot of a Safe House bed. The time is 2:59:58…2:59:59…3:00:00 PM.

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