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The incidental gay sex episode

The time is 4:07:01 AM at Palmer Headquarters. Palmer and Patty, Palmer's perky assistant, are up working on whatever it is you normally "work on" the night before a presidential state primary. Palmer tells her to get some sleep. Palmer's daughter Nicole enters, shaking a can of whipped cream and asking her dad if he wants to do some nitrous hits with her in the kitchenette. No, wait, she's going to put the whipped cream on some "mochas." Oh, and this actress playing Nicole? So bad. She keeps tilting her head from side to side in this annoying way and putting emphasis on the wrong syllables. "I couldn't SLEEP. Polls o-PEN in three HOURS." Patty refuses the offer of a "mocha," and Nicole exits the room, presumably to make said mochas. Palmer tells Patty again more emphatically to go to "bed." Patty sort of checks out his package and decides to obey his order. With Nicole and Patty out of the room, Mrs. Palmer asks Palmer if he's going to tell Nicole about Keith killing her rapist. Palmer says he's going to. He doesn't want her to hear about it on the news before she's prepared. Mrs. Palmer doesn't want Palmer to tell Nicole, because she's been "so happy." The "mochas" are ready. Nicole gives Palmer a pep talk about how statistically it looks like they're going to win California and how excited she is to be the daughter of the "next presi-DENT of the United STATES." She sprays whipped cream on their coffee drinks and reminisces about childhood friends. Palmer decides not to tell her anything. No one cares.

At 4:09:31 AM, Nina is talking to Kiefer on her cell phone as she paces the marble halls of CTU. She exposits about how the lockdown was ended as soon as Mason figured out where Kiefer was. "Watch out," says Nina. "Mason's gonna come after you!" Kiefer asks her to call one of their police contacts to get an "override" that will enable Kiefer to interrogate SoOMG before the police do. Nina tries to get Ryan's number on the computer system, but she's still locked down. Time for her to coochie over the Soul Patch's desk to get information off his terminal and have some post-lockdown sexually charged konfrontation. Soul Patch has the temerity to ask if she's "still mad." Nina's all, "Kiefer's never gonna trust you again." Soul Patch launches into his own personalized refrain of "what does Kiefer have that I don't?" and defends his distrust of Kiefer by reminding her of the lies he's been telling. Nina crosses her arms over her bosom and gets all businesslike on his ass. He gets her the number of the police contact guy. She thanks him crisply and stomps off.

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