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The incidental gay sex episode

The time is 4:53:58. Klockwise from the top left, Nina does some work, Kiefer and SoOMG run, Kiefer and SoOMG run as seen from a different angle, and Bride and AllegedYork wait for PMMS to get out of her coma so someone can smother her with a pillow already. Kiefer and SoOMG find the car. Kiefer has SoOMG kneel down with his hands up. Kiefer opens the trunk and finds a dead nude male body. And I may be wrong here, but it looks like it's missing a thumb. Mason's men pull up and put SoOMG in custody again. Mason is about to take Kiefer in for questioning until Kiefer shows him the dead body. For some reason, this brings about a ceasefire between Mason and Kiefer. They agree to trust each other from now on for Palmer's sake. Damn, that's gonna suck. Kiefer goes off to ID the new dead body. Mason goes off to interrogate SoOMG some more. Kiefer calls Bride from the Kiefmobile and has yet another vague information-free conversation with her -- although Bride tells Kiefer that PMMS will be out of surgery soon. Kiefer promises to be at her side in twenty minutes. "I know it sounds cold," says Kiefer. "But PMMS is our only link to Spawn." They hang up. Alleged York stares at Bride through a glass wall really hard.

At the compound, an outdoor area with lots of trees and a barbed-wire fence, the evil frat boys give each other a high-five and focus on being "cool." Yes, the kids still love the Fonz, don't they? Gaines pulls up in the Lexus and pops the trunk. GaggedSpawn sticks her head out and gasps for air. This inspires Rick to feel concern. Gaines asks once more about "the other girl." Evil Frat Boy #2 breaks into a sweat and swears once more that they killed her and hid the body. Gaines tells them that he just received word from a source that a girl who looks like PMMS was just admitted to the St. Mark's emergency room. EFB2 loses it and admits that maybe PMMS wasn't exactly dead. Gaines explains the concept of "exact death" to EFB2 by taking out a gun and shooting him in the head. "You've just been promoted," says Gaines to Rick. "Congratulations." What? No new job title? No orientation? No job description? No discussion of benefits or salary increase? I've said it before and I'll say it again -- the infrastructure of this terrorist organization hasn't been planned well. No wonder they have to keep hiring these lame freelancers. Rick and Spawn gasp at EFB2's dead body as Gaines walks coldly away.

Klockwise from the top left, Soul Patch broods, Kiefer drives, Palmer frets, and Nina hacks. Oh, and we're back at the hospital, where PMMS is flat-lining. But don't worry, because the scenes from next week show her about to be smothered, so you know she's gonna live at least until then. The time is 4:59:57…4:59:58…4:59:59…5:00:00 AM.

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