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The time is 5:51:45. Klockwise from the top left, Bride of Kiefer is still standing in the hospital hallway, waiting for Kiefer to return; Ira Gaines takes a sip of coffee by his video monitor; Kiefer exits St. Mahk's. Cue the techno dance music. Kiefer enters a multi-level parking garage, and Gaines guides him toward a silver Taurus. Kiefer gets in, as commanded by Gaines, and demands proof that his daughter is still alive. Gaines puts Spawn on the phone; she manages to say that she's not hurt before she's cut off. Gaines tells Kiefer to go into the glove compartment, remove an earpiece, and put it in his ear. It's a hi-tech cell phone or something that will enable Gaines to communicate with Kiefer. "Say something," says Gaines, in order to test Kiefer's new toy. "If you hurt my daughter I will kill you," says Kiefer. Gaines laughs. "Now that's a clear signal." He makes Kiefer toss his cell phone out the window and drive to CTU.

At 5:54:33, Bride picks up her cell phone and tries to call Kiefer. She gets his voicemail and leaves a message, asking him where he went. DefinitelyNotYork sneaks up behind her and asks her where Jack is. He's got important information. Bride wants to know what it is, so York holds up an address Janet gave him where they were being held in Bel Air. Bride calls Kiefer's cell again and runs around the hallways of the hospital looking for him while the camera does 360-degree swirlies all around her. DefinitelyNotYork offers to take Bride to the address in Bel Air where Spawn might be. Hysterical and babbling childishly, Bride allows DNY to take her into the very same arms that just killed her daughter's friend and drive her to Bel Air. "I guess I'll just call Kiefer from the car," says Bride, being led to York's car.

The grave has been dug. Rick drags EFB #2's body over to the hole and throws it in. Spawn enters the frame, and they have a moment before Rick starts to cover his body. Spawn is feeling newly optimistic about their chances of leaving the TerrorKompound. "I just spoke to my dad on the phone," she says confidently. "He's going to get us out." They throw more dirt on EFB #2's body.

At 5:57:50 in CTU forensics, Jalapeno and Nina are doing their thing in the lab like they're trained medical examiners in addition to being all-powerful computer hackers. Milo the temp enters, and I'm so happy to report that it's Eric Balfour, Jesse from the Buffy pilot and Gabe, Claire's "meth date" on Six Feet Under. The way they just slip this established character actor on to the set as a wacky temp, I'm wondering if we should suspect him of being in with Gaines or something. Nah! But seriously, the negative chemistry between Jalapeno and Milo is priceless. Milo hovers around her, eating dry Count Chocula from a paper cup and asking her know-it-all questions about data extraction methodology. He proposes a faster way of getting the data off the card, and it almost looks as if we're supposed to suspect that Jalapeno is purposely slowing down the keycard project. Nina announces that Jalapeno's work paid off and they got an ID on the new John Doe. They exit the room to call Kiefer. Milo lags behind, licking Count Chocula dust off his fingers and nosing around.

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