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The sun rises over…some valley in Los Angeles, I have no idea where. I know nothing about Southern California. Bride and NotYork are driving to Bel Air in York's car. Bride notices a scratch on York's wrist that hadn't been there before. "It happened back at the furniture store," lies Not York, pulling his sleeve suspiciously over the scratch. Bride's cell rings. "Maybe that's Jack," says NotYork in a pseudo-helpful way. Bride picks up. It's Nina, and in a total unlikelihood (that I'll forgive, because it moves the plot along perfectly), she asks Bride if she can "pass on an important message to Kiefer" because she can't reach him on his cell phone. Bride offers that she can't locate Kiefer either, and soon they both establish that it wasn't Nina on the phone when Kiefer slipped away to take his last cell call. "What's going on?" asks Bride, starting to get hysterical again. Nina doesn't know but tells Bride to tell Kiefer that the name of the murder victim he wanted ID is Alan York. "What was that again," says Bride, keeping her voice steady. "Alan York," says Nina. "He was an accountant from the Valley." Bride promises to pass on the message, Nina signs off, and they both hang up. Bride puts her cell away. "Everything all right?" asks NotYork in the driver's seat. "Yeah," says Bride, keeping her cool. "That was just someone from Kiefer's office." They continue driving. Leslie Hope rocks! The screen gets smaller, and Bride of Kiefer floats to the top left. Klockwise from Bride, Kiefer drives into CTU, Spawn and Rick put the final dirt on EFB #2's grave, and Palmer muses. Then there's a really really tight close-up of Bride thinking hard before they drive away into the sunrise. The time is 5:59:57…5:59:58…5:59:59...6:00:00. They killed PMMS! They really killed her!

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