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Rock on, Bride of Kiefer!

CTU. Kiefer keeps staring at Milo The Temp, trying to figure out a way to switch keycards…or at least that's the act he's putting on for Gaines. "This is taking too long, Kiefer!" rasps Gaines. Hey, Gaines? Don't lecture Kiefer about job efficiency. You're the one who just took a break from the KieferKonsole for the sole purpose of throwing Rick some major 'tude because you're too cheap to hire a Kelly Girl for the day. Kiefer continues to stare out of his office but shifts his attention to Nina's desk. He gets her attention and, through a series of subtle head spasms, signals her to come up to his office. I have a feeling Kiefer's summoned Nina to his office in a similar fashion more than a few times before, if you catch my drift. Kiefer begins to write a secret note to Nina on a sheet of letterhead about being bugged. Well, whaddya know? There's a kamera in Kiefer's office that's also hooked up to the KieferKonsole. "Drop the pen and shred the paper!" rasps Gaines, channeling Bette Davis in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. Seriously, you'd think the next threat out of Gaines's mouth is that Kiefer won't get any "din-din" until he switches the keycards. Kiefer shreds the note just as Nina enters. Nina rebukes Kiefer for walking away from her while she was talking to him, and tells him that Milo is on the verge of learning the shooter's name. "That's great," says Kiefer. "Tell Milo to wait until I get down there." Nina asks why Milo should stop working. Kiefer is all, "Because I asked you to!" Nina reluctantly agrees to do Kiefer's bidding, and leaves the room.

At 6:21:20, Palmer's daughter, a.k.a. L'il Lisa Bonet, is sitting in the Palmer living room watching the morning news, which is expositing some boring crap about the Palmer kids bringing out the "younger voters" for this election. Palmer enters and asks her if Mrs. Huxtable talked to L'il Lisa about what was "going on." L'il Lisa confirms her knowledge of the current family dilemma by nodding a few times, saying "yeah," and staring at Palmer really hard amid several hardcore blinks of her eyes. Then she wants to know if Theo is going to jail. Palmer replies that if Theo is telling the truth about the "accident," he won't go to jail. L'il Lisa assures Palmer that Theo is telling the truth. She reiterates her conviction by blinking really hard some more, and promises to appear at the breakfast. Then they have this discussion about the fact that the press is going to start asking L'il Lisa about the rape. Um, I thought that the rape was already common knowledge. I mean, I can certainly sympathize with anyone who doesn't want to go through rape trauma in front of the whole world, and there's lots to be desired in the way the media handles high-profile rape cases, but with the media being what it is, I can't imagine anyone getting interested in the rape of L'il Lisa all over again, simply because it's old news. If Theo killed the rapist, then everyone is going to be focused on the murder. But no. L'il Lisa has to have her monologue. She just wants to forget the rape and live a normal life away from the media's prying eyes. Palmer assures her that she doesn't have to answer any questions that she doesn't want to, and exits. L'il Lisa stares at her father's back as he leaves the room and blinks some more. Maybe if this girl were a better actress, we'd suspect from her facial expression that there are, in fact, many unanswered questions still left over from the rape and L'il Lisa's got some skeletons of her own in her closet. But then again, she could just have a facial tic.

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