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Rock on, Bride of Kiefer!

CTU. Kiefer's left his office and come down to the main floor. Lots of reaction shots from his ko-workers, most notably Soul Patch, as Kiefer walks around looking konflicted. Kiefer approaches Milo and asks him who the shooter is. Milo explains that he stopped working on the decryption because Nina told him to wait for Kiefer. Kiefer feigns ignorance about this kommand and gets faux indignant that Milo is wasting valuable time. "Why would you be waiting for me?" says Kiefer feverishly, knocking over Milo's cup of cereal, which now looks to be filled with Super Sugar Crisp instead of granola. I'm starting to think that I'm not the krazy one here. They're changing Milo's cereal from scene to scene just to fuck with me and no, I am not being paranoid! Anyway, while Milo kleans the cereal off his desk, Kiefer opens the drive and switches keycards. "Smart boy!" says Gaines, watching everything from the KieferKonsole. Kiefer exits, telling Milo to just get him the name. The time is 6:24:47 AM.

The time is 6:29:45 AM. Klockwise from the top left, Kiefer does some kwick thinking, Gaines keeps an eye on the KieferKonsole, Milo decrypts his little heart out, and NotYork remains tied to a tree. At Milo's desk, the Super Sugar Crisp has been kleaned up, but Milo hasn't realized yet that Kiefer switched keycards, and he's frustrated because he thinks he's hit a snag with the decryption. Jalapeno is all too happy to come to his rescue. She suggests that he "link the sectors." That seems to put Milo back on track, so they share a "pretty sneaky sis!" moment that is milked for an extra five minutes for some reason.

Back at the tree where NotYork is trussed up like a turkey, Bride of Kiefer tries to flag down cars. Oh yeah, that's the kind of hitchhiker that always gets a ride: a sleep-deprived, badly coiffed woman with a rock in her hand standing next to an unconscious guy tied to a tree. Hop in, stranger! Where ya headed? NotYork, who is now awake, informs Bride that her struggle is in vain. "If I don't deliver you in a half an hour," he says, "Spawn is dead!" Bride lifts the rock above her head and tries to force him to tell her where Spawn is being held. NotYork is unmoved, pointing out to her that he can't talk if he's unconscious. He offers to take Bride to her daughter if she unties him. Fortunately, Bride's not stupid. She leaves NotYork tied up and runs off to find a spot where her cell reception will allow her to make a call.

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