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Women's Work, Part II

In the back of the cab , Kiefer tries to keep Walker conscious, and tells the cabbie as they approach an intersection, "Do whatever you have to. We've got to get to the hospital now." The driver cuts through oncoming traffic as Kiefer holds her. I hate to say it, but maybe at this point, the best way to prevent her from dying of her bullet wounds is to get her killed in a head-on collision.

It's 8:56:16 as Chloe gets off her cell phone at CTU (having just told the hospital to drop what they're doing as soon as Walker gets there), and tells Arlo to pull up satellite. "Renee Walker was just shot." She barks instructions while he worriedly wonders if she'll be okay and who would want to kill her. Because the two of them were so close.

Kiefer carries Walker into the hospital (don't ask me how he paid the cabbie, let alone tipped him as richly as he deserved), saying there's no exit wound. The surgical team takes her from him and rolls her on a gurney into an OR. Kiefer is left standing helplessly behind in the hallway. This will teach them to have sex.

Splitscreen. He sits down on a chair, teary and barefoot. The surviving Hassans arrive at the U.N. Taylor re-enters the Conference Chamber that's been empty for simply hours. Novakovich is handed a message. Logan rides in a car, and it's not clear whether Jason Pillar is with him. Chloe dials her cell phone.

Kiefer's phone rings again, and Chloe asks, "How is she?" "Not good," he chokes out. Chloe has to tell him that the shots came from an office across the street, where a body was found, but no shooter. Kiefer asks what they were talking about before she got shot, and it's clear he's already getting ready to activate revenge mode. Chloe tries to say it doesn't matter right now. "Just be with her." Kiefer grits, "She's in surgery, Chloe, I can't," and repeats the question. Chloe says she told her about Samir's lethal injection. "Renee thought she may have recognized one of the EMTs." Kiefer says she didn't mention it, like he let her do much talking anyway, and Chloe says Walker didn't think it meant anything. "Where did she say she remembered him from?" Kiefer asks, pacing around the floor in his bare feet. Chloe says it was while she was undercover with the Russians, and that Walker asked her to pull up the Red Square file. Which she did. But before the conversation can continue, the doctors start coming out of the OR. That can't be a good sign this early on, even on a show where time is constantly compressed. Kiefer hangs up, and the surgeon comes up and tells him, "I'm sorry, she didn't make it. There was just too much arterial damage and blood loss. I'm very sorry." Kiefer is, unsurprisingly, devastated, and walks o the open door of the room, ready to cry. Walker's body is in there, covered in blood, with the oxygen mask still on her face. And his sheet is ruined. This is turning into his worst morning ever. He makes it all the way in there and manages to almost kiss her dead forehead before breaking into sobs. The second episode in a row ends with a silent clock, this one counting off to 9:00:00. But I'm sure we'll learn next hour that Walker was pregnant with Kiefer's child.

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