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Women's Work, Part II

Kiefer and Walker are now at his apartment, and she asks if he lived there long. "No, just during my recovery," he says, whatever that means. Wouldn't that pretty much mean most of the time since they last saw each other? And let's not even get into the question of what he's been doing for money this whole time, because the Chelsea Hotel can't be cheap, unless he's getting the $24 room rate promotion I heard they launched once they realized they were putting up Jack Bauer. He heads into the kitchen to make some coffee, and she takes off her jacket and starts looking around at 8:21:06. She lets her hair down and notices a picture of Kiefer's granddaughter on the shelf, and asks her name. "Teri," Kiefer says. "Kim named her after her mom." Walker's like, awkward. She turns around to let Kiefer off the hook for anything he might have said to her during the stresses of the day. Kiefer looks surprised, then comes over and shuts her up by kissing her. And then he hoists her up and carries her to the bedroom. Stop talking, woman!

In an office somewhere, an elderly professorial type shuffles papers. Hearing a door opening out in the hall, he calls out, "Hello? Somebody there?" The professor's clearly used to having the whole building to himself. After he peeks around a bit, suddenly the paramedic assassin appears out of nowhere and stabs him to death. Worst paramedic ever. Now that the killer has the office to himself, he pulls out a sniper scope and peers through it across the street. In a full-length mirror, he can see a slice of Walker and Kiefer, in bed and doing the nasty already. It's 8:23:26, and let's hope for Walker's sake that Kiefer doesn't do everything quickly.

8:27:43. Taylor finishes packing her briefcase and hands it to an assistant to deliver to Marine One. But before she leaves, she's agreed to talk to Novakovich. He's curious about how the peace talks can be continuing, as Tim apparently told him they were. Taylor says she wasn't planning to announce this until later, but tells him now that Dalia Hassan is stepping in. Hand: tipped. And I think we can start the death clock on Dalia right now. Novakovich acts skeptical, but Taylor says the IRK parliament is already having an emergency session to ratify her as provisional president. Novakovich argues that the opposition at home will get stronger in the wake of Hassan's death, but Taylor insists that it'll galvanize support for the Hassans and the peace agreement. "You can't be certain of that," Novakovich says with surprising directness. Of course, we'll know either way in a matter of hours. For the second time in as many hours, Taylor calls him out on not seeming as behind the peace agreement as he lets on. Good for Taylor for realizing that Russia is not that into her. With nothing else to say, Novakovich stands and says, "Respectfully, my country will not be signing your peace document." He's about to leave, when Taylor threatens to take this up with President Suvarov, who's been running Russia since Season Five. That's just adorable! Especially considering the 24 version of the U.S. is on its fifth president since Suvarov was first introduced, unless I'm forgetting some of them. Novakovich says he's got full authority on this: "Any decision I make represents the formal position of the Russian government. Good day." He leaves without remembering to add, "I said GOOD DAY!" Frustrated, Taylor gets up and heads out into the hallway, wanting to talk to Ethan right away. "Liberty is on the move," a Secret Service agent says into his cufflink. That must be a symbolically encouraging thing for her to have to hear all the time.

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