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Women's Work, Part II

He's dead by the time Chloe charges into the OR demanding to know what happened. Well, who can tell, in this dimly lit cave they expect the doctors to save lives in? Cole in turn asks where Hastings is, and Chloe says Division removed him and put her in command, "until they find a replacement." Commandingly, Chloe asks Cole if he was with Samir the whole time, and Cole has to admit that there were a few minutes Cole wasn't, but the paramedics were. Cole suggests an autopsy, but Chloe insists they hold off and do a tox-screen at once. Cole points out that Samir couldn't have taken anything in his semi-conscious state. "No, but somebody could have given it to him," Chloe says. Cole gets what she's saying, and tells the waiting doc, "Do as she says." So we're really going to do this Chloe-in-charge thing. She says, "I'll be in Hastings' office -- my office," she says. "Let me know when you find something." It's 8:35:38.

8:39:55. Dalia and Jamot are talking plans when Kayla is finally let back into the room. So while Dalia was being put in charge of a country, Kayla's been on her own more than half the time her dad's been dead. Jamot tells Kayla he's sorry, and says he'll see them at the U.N. before leaving them alone in there. Obviously Kayla's pretty curious about why they're going to the U.N. instead of home, like they planned. Dalia euphemizes, "There are new developments. I'll explain them to you on the way." Kayla asks what's going on now, and as Dalia puts on her coat, she explains, "They have asked me to consider staying on to complete your father's work." Kayla's not getting it, so Dalia says, "Our party wishes to appoint me as the new president." She seems to know that Kayla isn't going to take this well, and she's not wrong. "You told them you couldn't possibly accept, not after what's happened?" Kayla says warningly. In fact, I'm not even sure there should be a question mark at the end of that sentence, she said it so definitely. Dalia lays it out for her: "Our country is on the verge of a coup by the people responsible for the murder of your father. Someone must lead." Kayla thinks Dalia is going to get herself killed and throws herself into her mother's arms weeping, but Dalia shuts that shit right down. "You are not the only one who has suffered today," she says. "This was not an easy decision for me, but it was mine to make. I do not need you to remind me of the danger. I need you to help me be strong. Now pull yourself together, there is a car waiting for us." Shit, man, that's hardcore. Maybe she should have been president to begin with. A neck that can hold a head that high would have shattered Samir's knife on contact.

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