Day 2: 1:00 AM – 2:00 AM

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What a riot!

Meanwhile, at District, Rolaide has just gotten off with the Secretary of Defense…off the phone, that is. She asks Palmer how long he plans to wait for Kiefer's evidence before he gives his final approval for the retaliation strike. "As far as I'm concerned," says Palmer, "Kiefer will have up until the planes start releasing bombs." Rolaide starts whining about how inconvenient this all is for the DoD; they're losing flexibility on their end and want to launch pre-strikes. "There will be no pre-strikes on this mission!" says Palmer decisively. "General Windbag isn't going to like that, sir," says Rolaide. "That's his problem," says Palmer. Jeez, is this what it's like to be president? I mean, I know the job doesn't come with a license to kill and there'd be some checks and balances and stuff, but seriously, if every time you tried to, say, question whether or not it was a good idea to go to war in four hours and even your assistant was trying to nag you into submission, what's the point of being the leader of the free world? Rolaide, I know you have some advanced degrees and stuff, but could you just get the man a latte already and leave him alone? PoorMan'sHumeCronyn enters to inform Palmer of a "situation that requires [his] immediate attention." Apparently, on the East Coast, there's still all this civil unrest going on…at 4:20 AM. Whatever. However, the area PMHC is most concerned about is a suburb outside of Atlanta called Marietta where it's getting particularly ugly, as rioters are targeting Marietta's large naturalized Middle Eastern population. To demonstrate, PMHC turns on Fox News, where a spokesperson for one of these angry mobs is being interviewed for his thoughts on those stinking foreigners who've come to America under barely legal pretenses, stolen all the jobs, and committed acts of terrorism on U.S. soil. An angry mob. With a spokesperson. Who has a New Jersey accent. Okay. An anchorwoman observes that although the riot has been going on for almost a half an hour, there are barely any police in sight. "I thought we called in the National Guard," says Palmer. PMHC points out that the National Guard is on their way but most of them are on their way to other "flashpoints." There are simply not enough police or military to restore peace. Since the media is focusing on Marietta, Palmer instructs his team to send all of the Eastern Georgia National Guard there. "We may be short on manpower," says Palmer. "But it doesn't have to appear that way." Palmer wants to let the public see that the U.S. government will not tolerate racism or xenophobia. "If this is where it's going to start, this is where it's going to stop," says Palmer, pounding the board room table with his fist. The time is 01:22:58 AM.

The time is 01:27:27 AM. Klockwise from the top left, Kiefer and the superfriends plot to escape the warehouse, PoorMan'sArmandAssante scouts out an escape route, and Palmer and his staff continue to watch the rioting on television. In the alley outside the warehouse, PMAA sets down some smoke grenades. On Kiefer's kommand, PMAA pulls out their pins and throws them further into the alley. Kiefer, SCS, and PMAA take out their guns and start firing toward the roof in order to ascertain where the shooters are located. A gun battle breaks out. PoorMan'sArmandAssante dives for the car. Cate gets separated from the men and starts doing some shooting of her own. But it just doesn't look right. Like when your mother gets out onto the dance floor at your bar mitzvah when the DJ puts on the theme from Flashdance. She finds a hiding place behind a pillar and crouches there. A sniper walks towards her, but doesn't see her initially. She whips out her gun, but she can't bring herself to shoot him at close range, so she trembles for a long time as he turns around slowly, sees her, and draws his gun. After about twenty minutes or so, Cate gets it together and fires. He's dead. Finally Kiefer grabs her and they make a run for the car. Cate gets inside while Kiefer keeps trying to get the snipers. SeventhCoralSnake enters the car, but as he climbs inside, he's hit in the neck by a sniper bullet. PoorMan'sArmandAssante peels out and they escape. "There's no exit wound," says Kiefer, looking at SCS's injury. "We've gotta get you to a hospital." SeventhCoralSnake insists on going directly to LAX. Kiefer and Cate dig through the first aid kit from the glove compartment and try to stop SCS's bleeding by applying gauze to his neck.

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