Day 2: 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM

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Spawn, I'm going on a trip...

The time is 10:39:25 PM. Klockwise from the top left, the plane ascends further, Soul Patch mans the phones at CTU, and Spawn reacts to Kiefer's news in the passenger seat of the Good Samaritan's SUV. "I'm sorry, honey," says the Good Samaritan, pulling over by the side of the road. "What do you want to do?" A tear-soaked Spawn takes off her seatbelt and starts to get out of the car. "I was supposed to get out of Los Angeles but it doesn't matter anymore," Spawn says, thankfully stopping short of actually telling Good Samaritan about the B-O-M-B. Good Samaritan is concerned. She offers Spawn her cell phone to call someone else, but Spawn says she just wants to be alone. Spawn gets out of the SUV and runs off into the night. She doesn't even thank the Good Samaritan or anything. Of course, I forgot that Spawn reserves all of her manners and affection for those who are fucking with her. Since this woman didn't have an agenda, there was no point in Spawn being nice to her.

CTU. Soul Patch is sitting at his new desk at the Kiefer Kube, wallowing in sadness. Bitchelle passes by -- what does she just "happen" to be doing up there? -- and stops. "Are you okay?" asks Bitchelle. Soul Patch informs her that he just found Spawn. "Did Kiefer have a chance to say goodbye?" asks Bitchelle. Soul Patch is all, "Yeah," and then it's time to change the subject real fast to the latest information gleaned from the analysis of Syed Ali's things. According to Bitchelle, they de-encrypted the hard drive and found a recording of a conversation that took place months ago in Cyprus. "Conversation between who?" asks Soul Patch. "Syed Ali and high-ranking government officials from these three countries," says Bitchelle, pointing to her papers so that we, the viewers, can't see what "countries" they're talking about. Okay, it was cute at first not to name the country that has suspected connections with the Second Wave. But now that there are more unnamed countries with connections to the Second Wave being brought into the mix, it's time for them to name the countries already. Either just have it be Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan, or make up some country name like they did on The West Wing. But don't be just pointing to your notes, Bitchelle. We need a name. Plus I'm too lazy to come up with more two names even half as good as Fauxraqistan. Soul Patch looks at the report that Bitchelle is holding, and reads the names of the two other countries to himself. "So what we're saying is that 'these three countries' not only knew about the B-O-M-B," says Soul Patch, "but they bought it and supplied it to Syed Ali?" Bitchelle nods. Soul Patch asks her if she's sure about the translation. Bitchelle vouches for the translation's authenticity for the most part. Soul Patch exhales through a pair of pursed lips and orders more Whatever Technology tests done on the tapes to confirm the identities of the four men. Bitchelle is on it.

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