Day 2: 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM

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Spawn, I'm going on a trip...

Well, Soul Patch has been the director of CTU for less than one hour, and already he's using speed dial to call the president. A female secretary answers the phone and puts Soul Patch on hold for a few seconds when he asks to speak to Palmer. However, according to the closed captioning, "Novick" is speaking the secretary's lines. While Soul Patch is on hold, he looks down at the floor and sees Bitchelle and Lesbo-Carrie having a discussion. They seem friendly enough, but Bitchelle is making these horizontal slicing motions with her hands as if she's saying, "Hey, I thought I told you not to play with my breasts while we're at work." It's all coming together for Soul Patch right now. He's got his own office, the president takes his calls, and he's on the verge of a potential threesome.

Palmer gets on the line, and Soul Patch tells him that they've got a tape of three Middle Eastern leaders talking to Syed Ali. Palmer asks Soul Patch who else knows. Soul Patch assures him that only CTU and Division know anything about this. "They have ties to the other agencies, including the Pentagon, which means everybody knows," says Palmer. Soul Patch says that they will have confirmation of the Whatever Technology Voice Recognition in an hour. "Why would Syed Ali record a conversation like this in the first place?" asks Palmer. "Half the time these people don't trust each other any more than they trust us," explains Soul Patch. "Maybe Ali wanted some ammunition to protect himself." This still doesn't sit well with Palmer. "There's evidence that three Middle Eastern Countries are behind this B-O-M-B," says Palmer to PMHC. Name the countries already! Palmer mulls over the fact that they might be at war soon -- first with the three Middle Eastern countries and then with the entire unnamed Arab world. Then it gets all deep and literary with Palmer quoting Abraham Lincoln and everything. "Once this B-O-M-B goes off," says Palmer, "my options will narrow very, very quickly."

Flight 86. As Kiefer flies to his certain death and checks his coordinates with ground control, he hears a rustling in the back of the plane. Kiefer grabs his gun and turns around. "Don't move!" he yells. It turns out to be Mason sitting in the back seat. Like no one would have seen him back there as the plane was taking off. Kiefer asks him how he got on the plane. Mason replies that it wasn't that hard, seeing as how everyone still thinks he's the head of CTU. He's got something for Kiefer: a parachute. Now that the hardest part of the flight is over, Mason can take over for Kiefer on the suicide flight. "I told you before," says Kiefer. "I'm taking this plane in." "Maybe you want to die," says Mason. Kiefer is all, "What's that supposed to mean?" "You've had a death wish since Bride died," says Mason, suggesting that Kiefer is looking for a heroic way out of his own misery. "You wanna be a real hero?" says Mason. "Here's what you do. You get back down there and put the pieces together." Kiefer listens solemnly and silently agrees. "Are you absolutely sure you can do this?" asks Kiefer. Mason swears he can. Kiefer gives him instructions on where and when to land. "Thank you, George," whispers Kiefer. "Thank you." The time is 10:48:09 PM.

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