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The One Where Everybody Died, Part Two

Meanwhile, at the emergency room, Spawn is talking to an Asian female doctor about JonBenet's prognosis. Hey, was this the same Asian female doctor from last season's trip to St. Mahk's? Well, if she is, she's being awfully uppity, considering that she was the one who let FauxYork smother PMMS with a pillow last year. She tells Spawn that she had to call the police on her Shaky British Nanny ass, because they found all of these other untreated prior fractures that seem to indicate a pattern of child abuse. No, it doesn't occur to Spawn to simply tell Asian Female Doctor that she just started working at No!DaddyNo! Manor and wouldn't have had time to expose JonBenet to said pattern of abuse.

Over at NSA, a boardroom full of uniformed government types, including Palmer, Rolaide, and Raygun, watches the TV news report on the CTU bombing. Raygun announces that this terrorist strike proves it's high time they start preparing to evacuate Los Angeles, since the bombing is going to start rumors and mass panic anyway. Rolaide points out snarkily that evacuations themselves cause mass panic. Raygun defends himself by promising that he has "cover stories" set up to get the citizens of L.A. out of town "in stages" without arousing suspicion. "That's a pretty tough sell for nine million people," says Rolaide dryly. Hee! Raygun says that the military will "contain" any civil unrest. Rolaide says that the evacuation will take one week, and yet the intel indicates that the bomb is going off that very day. Raygun says that at least they can save "twenty percent" the city population. Palmer snaps that twenty percent isn't good enough. Raygun argues that the evacuation, no matter how unsuccessful, will save Palmer "politically." "If the bomb goes off," says Palmer, "we'll have more important concerns than my reelection." Raygun licks his lips like the lizard that he is. Palmer calls for absolutely no evacuation plans. And we all know what happens when Palmer gives a solemn order, right? I can see where this is going.

Kiefer, while driving toward Wald's house, makes another call to Palmer. Rolaide answers and tells him that the president is busy, but she can help him. Kiefer rips into her for not warning CTU in time. Rolaide tries to explain what happened, but ends up making it sound like she was totally to blame for not getting through until five minutes before the blast. Kiefer tears her a new one and lets her know that he considers her responsible for killing a whole bunch of innocent people. So much for them hooking up.

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