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The One Where Everybody Died, Part Two

The time is 11:40:25 AM. Klockwise from the top left, Reza and PoorMan'sCateBlanchett are in his Ford Thunderbird picking up "lunch," Spawn waits for the police to show up, and Kiefer tries to penetrate Wald…I mean, "Wald's panic room." Kiefer chops away at the drywall outside Wald's panic room, but discovers a layer of steel that he can't break through. So he tries the Sutherland velvet bedroom whisper instead. He sits seductively in front of the closed-circuit cameras, whose grainy reception make it look like low-budget porn, and tells Wald about the agenda of the terrorists who had him blow up CTU. They want to destroy America, the very country that Wald is trying liberate from the American government. "I thought you wanted to give the power back to the people!" says Kiefer. "How many of them are going to have to die for you today?" He begs Wald to open the door. Wald listens nervously from inside the panic room, but doesn't respond.

Meanwhile, Reza and Cate are gonna have fun fun fun 'til her daddy takes the T-Bird away. The Farsimobile cruises down the freeway while Reza asks Cate why she doesn't like him and how come they've never gotten to know each other, despite the fact that he's worked for her father for three years. Cate denies not liking him, but agrees that they've never really bonded. "You don't know who I am," says Reza, taking a detour and claiming that he's got to "show" Cate something. Does Cate freak out because Reza isn't headed in the proper direction to pick up lunch? Oh yeah. Does the surprise turn out to be totally innocent? Sure does. Reza shows Cate the house he bought for himself and his albino bride. "I wanted you to be the first to see it," says Reza. D'oh!

Well, they finally get everything off of Darlene, but she's still looking pretty bloody. According to a dreadlocked emergency worker, Darlene is also hemorrhaging internally. They pull her out of CTU on a stretcher, and Soul Patch helps wheel her across the parking lot toward the ambulance. On the way, they run into Mason, who is wearing a suit like nothing ever happened. Mason takes charge of the situation and tells the EMTs that they are going to keep Darlene at CTU and treat her on site. They can't afford to let her go into the hospital, since she's the only one with the encryption code. It's kind of nice to see Mason recharged and committed to battle. But it's kind of creepy to see him refuse adequate medical care to Darlene. The EMT claims that he can administer some epinephrine to get her lucid. Soul Patch thinks that Darlene deserves the chance to live. Mason is all for waking her up. The time is 11:47:18 AM.

The time is 11:51:45 AM. Klockwise from the top left, Wald waits, Kiefer pants, and Palmer summons Rolaide. Rolaide enters Palmer's office and hands him a Whatever Report for his approval. "Were you ever going to tell me about the thirty minutes between the time that Jack called and the time I was notified?" asks Palmer, just as Rolaide is not-so-subtly inching her way toward the door. Rolaide takes the blame for some reason. Palmer guesses that Raygun was the one who kept Rolaide from getting the message to CTU. Rolaide offers to tender her resignation. Palmer forbids her to quit. "I don't have time to appease your guilty conscience," says Palmer. "But I still trust you. And I trust that you will tell me every single thing that happened."

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