Day 2: 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

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Outside, Kiefer katches up to Syed Ali's team of escorts and tells them to hold up. He puts his face up nice and close to Syed's and gives him the Sutherland velvet, telling him that his son's death was fake and that he'll be able to talk to his family when he gets to Guantanamo. Oh, so there'll be a phone in his 4' x 8' chicken wire cage? Whatever. Syed is momentarily touched by this. Aw! Terrorists have feelings too! "I need to know something," says Kiefer, now that he has Syed's attention. "The Cyprus recording, is it fake?" Syed assures Kiefer that it is. Kiefer thanks him. Just then, a bullet hits Syed Ali in the head. Kiefer gets out of the way, taking a handsome black agent escort protectively with him. Hee! Shout-out! Syed Ali falls to the ground and everyone draws their guns and looks for the sniper. The time is 11:26:56 PM.

The time is 11:31:11 PM. Klockwise from the top left, Bitchelle walks across the CTU floor as Lesbo-Carrie stares at her, Spawn makes her way down the long lonely road of life, and Rolaide stares off into space aboard Air Force One. Back at the CTU parking lot, Syed Ali's got a sheet over him, a CTU chopper is searching the area, and Soul Patch and Kiefer are discussing what just went down. Soul Patch is wondering how the sniper knew they were moving Syed Ali. Kiefer points out that everyone knew they had him in custody, so the leak could have come from anywhere. Soul Patch wonders if it was one of the three countries implicated in the recording. Kiefer, meanwhile, is even more convinced that the recording was a fake. "You talked to Bitchelle," says Soul Patch, feeling threatened. Kiefer lies that he only talked to Syed Ali. They argue back and forth over this for a while. Kiefer insists that they examine every possible angle just to be prudent. Soul Patch points out that Kiefer has always been anything but prudent, the way he works for CTU. "I think it's time you go get your daughter," says Soul Patch.

Meanwhile, on the road, Spawn comes upon a closed convenience store. She tries to make a phone call from a pay phone out front, but all the lines are busy at CTU. "Is there some kind of problem?" asks the very scary-looking owner of the convenience store sneaking up on her. Okay, here's one thing you can be sure of as far as Spawn subplots go: the nicer someone is to Spawn when they first meet her, the more they are going to try to fuck with her once they gain her trust. I'm thinking that this guy is going to save her life and leave her his life savings when he dies. Spawn asks if she can use the bathroom. MenacingStoreOwner lets her inside and tells her to be quick. My, doesn't he look skeevy as he locks the front door? He's probably going to give her one of his kidneys someday.

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