Day 2: 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM

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Kiefer un-klad

José, Luis, and Slam's transmitter detects that their target is moving. They wander through the crowded clinic looking totally inconspicuous with their headsets, their shaved heads, and their GPS monitor, and come upon the SeventhCoralSnake's dead body. One of them flips off the sheet and sees the bloody hole where the transmitter should have been. Meanwhile, Cate and PMAA are hiding in the next room. When Jose leaves, they sneak out and head, presumably, to the parking lot. The time is 02:09:07 AM.

The time is 02:13:20 AM. Klockwise from the top left, Bitchelle continues to look distressed, Soul Patch procrastinates in his office, and Palmer's date rape…I mean, "meeting" with the Joint Chiefs of Staff continues. District. The meeting/date rape breaks, and PoorMan'sHumeCronyn tells Palmer about erupting violence in California. Apparently, the governor of California wants Palmer to dispatch the National Guard just like he did in Marietta. Rolaide enters. She doesn't have "the boy's name" for Palmer as he asked last week, but she does say that Soul Patch is on the emergency network, wanting to speak to Palmer. "Why the emergency network?" asks Palmer. Rolaide replies that the phone lines at CTU have been overloaded with calls since the B-O-M-B went off, and 90 percent of the system is down. PMHC offers to speak to Soul Patch, but Palmer has Rolaide patch him to their speakerphone. Soul Patch tells them that Kiefer klaims to have found the source recordings edited together to make the Cyprus tape. Soul Patch admits to being conflicted about telling Palmer about these recordings, since no one has seen them, let alone authenticated them, yet. "Your confidence in Kiefer is kurious," says PMHC. "An hour ago, you told me that he assaulted CTU personnel and took illegal custody of a witness." Soul Patch tells them that Kiefer had to do what Kiefer had to do, since the SeventhCoralSnake refused to deal with CTU. Palmer asks Soul Patch if he believes that the source recordings are any more authentic than the Cyprus tapes themselves. Soul Patch says he isn't sure. Palmer sighs, thanks him for his "candor," and promises to take his information "under advisement." They hang up.

Palmer gets up out of this chair that looks like a something you'd sit on when you ride an Amtrak train, sighs again, and tells OMHC and Rolaide that he's calling off the attack. PMHC wants to go over the "cons" again, but Palmer says they've talked enough. "I appreciate your respect for Kiefer, but you know the man's reputation…" says PMHC. "I know the man," says Palmer. Well, tell that to your secretary, Palmer, because she's not taking his calls. "Then maybe you should start thinking about your own reputation," says PMHC, explaining to Palmer that his lack of response to the B-O-M-B may be perceived as "personal weakness." Um, not to beat a dead horse, but waiting a few days to retaliate is not a "lack of response." Rolaide jumps in and reminds Palmer of the Pentagon's assessment showing that stopping and then restarting the military operation will cost "tens of thousands of lives." "That's an acceptable risk," says Palmer, "if the alternative is waging war on three innocent countries." PMHC points out that these countries have not always proven to be "innocent" in the past, and urges Palmer in the "strongest possible terms" to reconsider. Palmer looks at Rolaide for support, but she gives him this basset hound face. "I've made up my mind," says Palmer, ordering them to set up a conference call with the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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