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Chip of Fools

Division. PoorMan'sHumeCronyn is on the phone with the Vice President, assuring him that Palmer knows nothing about the coup, and never will now that Rolaide is out of the way. But it hasn't been easy for PMHC. "I know it's difficult," says PoorMan'sJoeLieberman. "It's been difficult for all of us." "I hope we're doing the right thing," worries PMHC. "I hope you're not wavering," says PMJL. He reminds PMHC to have the cabinet show up to the meeting and vote Palmer out. PMHC reminds PMJL that he can only promise to get the cabinet there for the meeting. How they vote is another issue altogether. "You're doing the right thing, PMHC," says PMJL. "History will recognize that." They hang up just as Palmer enters PMHC's office. Oops! Palmer has come to apologize for putting PMHC in such a quandary, and to commend him for sticking by him through an "unpopular decision." But Palmer is still steadfast about not B-O-M-B-ing until Kiefer comes through with the evidence. He asks PMHC to send Rolaide into his office to help him draft a statement. "I'll see if I can find her," says PMHC, concocting a story about how Rolaide isn't feeling well.

Meanwhile, Rolaide is still locked in that room. She pounds on the door, calling for help and threatening to press treason charges against her captors. She looks around and discovers…a tool closet. Uh, whatever. She rummages through it until she finds a blowtorch.

Meanwhile, in that parking lot, Cate and PoorMan'sArmandAssante are lying in twin pools of their own blood. The rednecks have taken PMAA's wallet and are going through it. "What's this?" says one of them, having found the chip. They get into PMAA's car, ostensibly to get out of there. Cate perks up when she hears the chip mentioned. She stands up and begs for the chip. Only she looks like some nerdy junior high kid who is trying her get her hat back from the older kids who are playing catch with it. "I'll pay you," she pleads as one of the rednecks holds her back. She offers to take them back to her house in Hancock Park for money. Despite some hesitation, the rednecks decide to go with her. "First let me put him out of his misery," says Redneck #1, walking toward PMAA with his gun drawn. "This is for messing with our country," says Redneck #1, putting his gun to PMAA's head. Cate bleats, but the gun isn't even loaded. The men enjoy a hearty laugh, and everyone heads for Hancock Park. As the stolen Kiefmobile pulls out of the parking lot, PMAA stirs. After much struggle, he manages to crawl along the asphalt toward a phone booth. Shades of PoorMan'sMenaSuvari, anyone? He calls 911, but the lines are busy due to the B-O-M-B.

Doc In The Box. Luis demands more epinephrine. Doc In The Box is worried that he'll strain Kiefer's heart by giving him too much. "He's strong," says Luis. "He can handle it." Doc In The Box fills a syringe with epinephrine. "Now prepare a syringe with Beroglide," says Luis. Now, I don't know about you, but I assumed that Beroglide was some kind of art marker. Apparently it's a solution that, when injected, collapses one's lung. "This will paralyze your diaphragm, and you'll suffocate until you tell me where the chip is," says Luis to Kiefer in the hopes that he'll hand over the chip. Kiefer swears he doesn't know where the chip is. Luis steps away for a second, so Kiefer whispers a request to the Doc and has him loosen his ropes. Doc is reluctant, since Luis is the one with the gun. "Please, this is the only chance we've got!" says Kiefer, laying on the Sutherland velvet. Unable to resist that velvet, Doc In The Box loosens the ropes. Oh, and then we almost see Li'l Kiefer but his hands are in the way. Luis once again orders a Beroglide injection. Doc In The Box injects Kiefer. The time is 3:14:54 AM.

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