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Flight 69 goes down

Chez Crew. Cate is still confused about everything. She shares her thoughts with Palmice as she walks him out the front door of Chez Crew to his car. How did her father not realize that he was dealing with terrorists? And if he did in fact know about Reza's connection to these terrorists, how could he treat him like a son and let him marry one of his prized daughters? I dunno. Maybe he thought that if he married PoorMan'sReneeZellweger off to an Islamic fundamentalist, she'd be too busy cooking meals in her burkha to be the whiny brat that she's always been. Palmice promises to talk to Soul Patch, who he's good friends with, and get to the bottom of everything. As they reach Palmice's car, two "workmen" grab Cate and Palmice, inject them with tranquilizers, and shove them into a van. Wow. The screen splits four ways to show the van speeding off, Palmer watching Weiland on TV, Spawn and Enricky awaiting their transfer, and Papa Crew sitting in his interrogation room.

Back on Flight 69, Kiefer watches as Nina sleeps. He wakes her up to share with her a touching memory of Bride, back when she was alive and the Kiefers were still in love. Apparently they were on some boardwalk, and Bride wanted a snow cone, and she ended up talking to this old lady and laughing with her like they were old friends even though they'd never met before. The light gets all filter-y and grainy as he recounts how special Bride was for being able to connect with strangers -- a quality that distrustful secret agent Kiefer never had. "That's what you took away from this world," says Kiefer. "That's what you took from me and my daughter." Nina has this ambiguous expression on her face. It could be remorse, but it could also simply be the realization that Kiefer is going to kill her eventually. So I'm about to go get the tissues and stuff, but all of a sudden the moment is ruined by a cheesy establishing shot of the plane getting hit by a missile. What? Yeah, that's right. The plane's been hit. The crew and all of the agents are stumbling around trying to regain their balance, and it looks really bad. The time is 3:59:58…3:59:59…4:00:00 PM.

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