Day 2: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

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Flight 69 goes down

Back aboard Flight 69, Nina continues to prod Faheen for information with Bitchelle translating from offsite. Nina is all, "Akalakalak alak the only way out is to cooperate akalak alakalak." Faheen is all, "Ak alakalak alak I'm not afraid to die." Nina is stumped. But when no one is looking, Nina fingers that gift card she stole last week from Crescent Collectibles. She tries some more questions, but Faheen is all, "Akalakalakalak you're a traitor." Kiefer tells the handsome black agent on board to go get Nina for him. HandsomeBlackAgent does so without getting killed. Kiefer asks Nina to go over what she knows with him "one last time." Nina explains that she was approached by Faheen's people six months before the day she "was arrested." The day Nina was arrested? Oh, nice euphemism, Nina, for "the day you killed Kiefer's wife." Nina never knew the "end game," but she knew it was something "big." Like when your agent calls about an untitled Spielberg project. You don't know what it's about, but you know you'll probably get your own trailer and some points. "Is there anyway around Faheen?" asks Kiefer. "No," says Nina. "And he's really willing to die?" asks Kiefer. "Yeah," says Nina. Kiefer reflects on these bits of information and does a little acting -- runs his hands through his hair and gives penetrating glares to both Faheen and Nina. "What are we going to do?" asks Nina. It's hard to tell how Kiefer reacts to Nina being all "team player" on him. "Take her back," says Kiefer to HandsomeBlackAgent. Either he is repulsed by the sight of her or he realizes that she's still a valuable agent who needs to keep interrogating Faheen. The time is 03:22:53 PM.

Don't you just hate it when someone gets you a gift certificate to a cheesy store that sells clothing that resembles bridesmaid's outfits in colors like tangerine or fuchsia? Well, now American Express has solved all that by inventing a gift certificate that can be used at any store. Although I should probably point out that there's something similar that's already been in existence for centuries. It's called cash.

The time is 03:27:19 PM. Klockwise from the top left, Mikey Palmice and Cate continue to hack into Papa Crew's computer, Spawn sits in the patrol car on her way to another stint in jail, and Nina continues to interrogate Faheen. Meanwhile, Steve Schirripa has fixed the flat. He advises the TerrorStooges not to drive too long on the spare. Oh, the irony! Joey Fatone tries to pay him, but Steve Schirripa refuses to take his money. He does, however, have a pool cleaning business, and he gives Joey Fatone his card. You know, because someone's going to have to clean out the death pool after tonight's episode…oops, jumping ahead here. As ObesePoolMan is explaining that he works the whole valley and that maybe Joey Fatone could pass his card around to any of his friends who need their pools cleaned, BenKingsley'sNephew's attention is caught by a group of young boys of various races playing basketball in the park across the street. Oh, and just in case that anvil didn't hit you the first time, there's a yellow diamond-shaped traffic sign visible in the shot that says "End." BenKingsley'sNephew is mesmerized by this sight.

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