Day 2: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

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Flight 69 goes down

So not only does Bitchelle have to translate Nina and Faheen's conversation, she also has to answer the phone when the police call about Spawn. Meanwhile, Soul Patch is telling Mason about Papa Crew being a CIA consultant who seems to have a legitimate contact code. They look over at Reza and Marie, who are just hanging out in the lobby of CTU, looking more like they are waiting to test drive a Lexus than be interrogated by the counter-terrorism division of the CIA. Mason concludes that Reza must be lying about authorizing the Syed Ali transactions to cover for Papa Crew. Soul Patch thinks Reza is telling the truth. "I pushed him pretty hard," says Soul Patch. Bitchelle interrupts to tell them that Spawn's been arrested and charged with murder. Hey, Bitchelle? Shouldn't you be translating Nina and Faheen's conversation right now? And if you have some downtime, where were your language skills when I ran into both of my ex-boyfriends the other day? Mason tells Bitchelle to call Kiefer on Flight 69, which she does. Kiefer is konfused when he hears the news of his daughter's incarceration, so Bitchelle puts her on the line. Mason also happens to be on the line too, so Kiefer asks him to deal with the whole situation. Spawn tearfully recounts her whole day: the beating of Megan and Crazy Laura, the escape from L.A. in a stolen car, being stopped for speeding, and the discovery of Crazy Laura's body in the trunk.

Meanwhile, as Spawn continues to whine, Kiefer notices that Nina is making some progress with Faheen, who seems to be breaking. According to Bitchelle's translations, Nina has convinced Faheen that they've gone into Faheen's village and rounded up his family, and for some reason Faheen believes her, even though Nina's only had, like, five minutes to come up with this story and I doubt she even knows what town he's from or what his parents' names are. There's more, but Bitchelle can't hear because she's trying to deal with Spawn and the audio keeps cutting out on her. "Nina," asks Kiefer. "What did he tell you?" "Everything," says Nina, standing up and slashing Faheen's throat with her Crescent Collectibles gift card, which she tore in half so it has a sharp edge.

PoorMan'sSeanAstin tries to save Faheen, but it's too late. Nina has all of the information and is the only one alive with said information. She demands to be taken to San Diego and put on a plane to Sao Paulo. Meanwhile Spawn is still whining about her day. They have no choice but to reroute the plane to San Diego. Kiefer is all, "We're going to hold you until we get results. You got that?" Nina's got it. Hell, she's practically smoking a cigarette and naming the babies. The time is 3:47:03 PM.

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